Week 1 down of the 20 Minute Body Challenge

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I’m checking in with you all. I just finished my first week with Brett Hoebel’s 20 Minute Body Challenge for the month of June. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen my daily updates. If not here is a quick run down.

These 20 minute workouts are not easy. They push you to go hard. At the end of each workout I was covered in sweat, as if it was raining sweat or something. My body was extremely sore the first couple days but now my muscles are getting stronger and I’m not as sore.

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The meals have been a bit more challenging for me. I haven’t strayed away from the plan (with the exception of today), but I also have problems coming up with creative meals to enjoy. I’m kind of stuck in a plain veggie and chicken rut.

My breakfasts are a shake made with Vega One, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 TBPS natural peanut butter and some ice. I love eating this breakfast everyday. It’s filling, gives me energy and tastes amazing.

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For lunch I usually have a salad, with no dressing and some kind of protein (eggs or chicken). For snacks I have tried things like almonds, eggs, walnuts and hummus with veggies.

Dinner is the meal I’m stuck on. I usually have a veggie and then some chicken grilled on the BBQ. I did try pork on the BBQ once. I love chicken, but I just don’t know how to make it different each day. I’m not a ground meat kind of person so I’m kind of limited. However I do enjoy what I eat and by the end of the day I feel satisfied with my meals.

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NOW for my exciting news. But first I need a drum roll…..
In my first week I lost 10.3 lbs!!! I know that seems like a high number but I think it’s mainly because my body was shocked into eating healthy and working out again. I don’t expect that high of a number next week, I’m just hoping for a loss.