“NOAH” DVD/BluRay combo- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
“Noah” on DVD and Blu-ray today!!

I want to start out by saying, we all have our different tastes in movies, books, clothes, etc… So please keep in mind this is my personal opinion of the movie “Noah”, others have different ones. That is ok, that is what makes us unique.

If you’re looking for the biblical account of the story of Noah this is not the movie for you. The only thing similar is the man’s name, an ark, animals and a flood. After that it has nothing to do with the real story. For me this made it hard for me to watch the movie with a non-biblical perspective. There are rock “monsters” that protect Noah and help build the ark, this has nothing to do with the Bible. The movie also had issues with matching the era the story of Noah was in. There was corrugated metal, everyone wore pants (I’m pretty sure everyone wore robes back then), they had gun powder… It was just out there. The story also had some strange snake skin that glowed, it was evidently from the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve.

I also had a problem with the cinematography. There were many scenes where the camera just spun around or flew through the sky. I often felt dizzy watching it. The CGI was a bit rough around the edges. There was a scene where two doves are flying to the ark, it clearly looked like a computer generated image.

The acting was done really well. I loved Emma Watson in it. Some of how Noah was portrayed seemed weird but Russel Crowe did an amazing job at what he was asked to act out. The ark was also pretty cool, you could feel the massive size of it through the images given.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who would want to know about the Noah of the Bible, you’d be better off reading the few chapters in the Bible about him, to know who he was and what the flood was about.

If you like action, adventure you might like this film. I’m just sorry I didn’t.

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