“Mad Dog Justice” by Mark Rubinstein- book review

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My Thoughts-
“Mad Dog Justice” by Mark Rubinstein

** WARNING! May contain some spoilers. I try not to give anything away but some times that happens when giving a description of the book**

I read and enjoyed reading Mark Rubinstein’s “Love Gone Mad” a over a year ago and was excited to have the opportunity to review his next book, “Mad Dog Justice”. This book took me a bit longer to read then a lot of books I read. I think this is because the author was very detailed in the events that were happening, the character development was well done and the imagery was well described.

The story is about to men, Danny and Donny. Danny is an accountant and Donny is a surgeon. These two have grown up together and a few years back the went into a business deal together. The book starts out with Danny in his office when someone comes in and tries to kill him. The story moves on from there with Danny and Donny trying to figure out who would want them killed. Was is someone from a business deal gone bad? Was it someone who wanted payback? They need to find out and they need to find out fast before it’s too late. During their search they also have to figure out what has gone wrong with their friendship, they are distant to each other and seem to not trust each other.

I really enjoyed reading this book.It’s extremely intense and had to me worried to turn the page to find someone has been killed or that one of them would turn on the other. I also wanted to know who-done-it with the shooting and why. At times I would have to put my book down just to decompress from the intensity of the story. It’s that well written of a book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an intense murder mystery type book. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. It’s 328 pages of fast acting reading, from start to finish. I do want to warn you though, the ending will leave you hanging and wanting to know what happened next in the lives of Danny and Donny.

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