AnnaPS, Tank tops for insulin pumps and diabetic needs- review

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
November is Diabetes awareness month. This month I want to share with you products that help diabetics, stories of other diabetics and facts/info about diabetes.

A company from Sweden that I’ve been following on instagram for a while now crates clothing for wearing insulin pumps and carrying diabetic gear around, AnnaPS. Today I’m going to share about two different styles of Tank tops, Wednesday I will be sharing the story behind the company and it’s creator, and then on Thursday I will be sharing about their underwear/shorts.


AnnaPS sent me two different styles of tank tops to try, Tank top Boxi2 Black Sport and Tank top Reversible Boxi Pink. With Maggie in dance we’ve been trying to find ways for her to wear her pump and not have it in her way. I was excited to try out these shirts with Maggie.


The Tank top Boxi2 Black Sport has two pockets, one on each side, under the arms. There are holes on the inside of the shirt for the tubing to go through and to easily attach to her tummy. This shirt works great for lots of activity, and allows our daughter to lay on her tummy without having to move her pump out of the way. The first thing she said, with a smile, was “I don’t have to wear my pump pouch today!! This is awesome”. The pockets overlap to keep the insulin pump in, no snaps of Velcro.


The Tank top Reversible Boxi Pink has two pockets in the front that close with snap buttons. There are small button like holes on the inside of the shirt to string the tubing through. The shirt looks totally cute on my daughter. I like that the snaps make the insulin pump stay inside the pockets securely. We accidentally ordered a shirt a bit too large for her, so it didn’t work for dance but it works for wearing with a cute pair of pants. In a year from now the shirt will fit perfectly for dancing.

Here is a photo of the insides of the shirts with the holes for the tubing. annaps-inside

We love these shirts, they give our daughter freedom from having to wear her pump pouch all the time and they allow her to be more active without having the pump in her way. I have to add that I think they are totally cute too, I wish the warmer weather was back so she could wear them outside, but for now she will wear them at home, under sweaters and at dance. Next summer will be so nice for her with these tank tops. We hope to buy a few more so she can wear them everyday.

I am so thankful for companies like AnnaPS, that think about the needs for people with diabetes. They have allowed my daughter to have more freedom in life, and to feel a bit more normal. THANK YOU AnnaPS. We are smiling here.


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