Cook With Campbell’s- Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas (Test Group, review)

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I am part of Mom Central Canada’s Campbell’s Soup test group. I’m not required to make any blog posts or social media post but after my first week’s meal I just had to share it.

My first week I prepared Campbell’s- Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas.

The recipe was easy to prepare. All I had to do is cute peppers and onions, add a can of Campbell’s® Cheddar Cheese Soup and shredded, cooked chicken, as well as some spices and Pace® salsa. Once the ingredients were cooked, you added it to large tortillas, then cook them on the pan till golden brown. The prep and cooking in total took 30 minutes to do. My kitchen smelled amazing and everyone in the house couldn’t wait to eat.

Everyone ate the Quesadillas and wanted more. It tasted that AMAZING!! We had a bit left over and it taste just as great the next day and was easy to reheat. If you think you’ll be short on time sometime during the week I think you could pre-cook this and reheat the day you need it, but a warning, it smells so delicious you might not be able to wait to eat it.

My mom and I were talking and said if I would dice the veggies it would make for a great chip dip.

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Thank you Mom Central Canada and Campbell’s.

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