Diabetes Awareness Month comes to an end, but T1D doesn’t end for our child…

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November is coming to an end, which means Diabetes Awareness Month is coming to an end. For our sweet girl T1D won’t be ending. Her disease is with her every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. It’s with her until there is a cure. She does not get a break from it. So, even though this month of awareness is ending please think of our sweet girl and other T1D people out there. It’s taxing to the body and mind. Yes, people with T1D can do anything and overcome a lot but they have to do it differently then everyone else. It takes a lot of planning to go out, participate in a sport, get at a restaurant and so much more.


These tiny fingers get poked 10+ times a day. They are full of holes and are calloused. I wish I could do all this for her and she could be poke free. I’m hoping for a cure very soon. A cure where she isn’t dependent to insulin, a cure where she doesn’t have to endure pokes daily. The box is full of used test strips that we have saved since she started her insulin pump in May 2014. It’s insane seeing how many times her tiny fingers have gotten poked.


These are the supplies that go with us every time we go out. Her diabetes bag contains the following; a blood glucose monitor & strips, ketone tester, insulin, log book, infusion set, alcohol wipes, remove (to remove the sticky site in her tummy), sticky prep (to make the infusion set stay better), Quick Serter(to put her infusion set into her tummy), and a reservoir (to hold the insulin in for her pump).


This is her infusion set and Quick Serter. We have to change this out every three days. She’s deathly afraid of needles, so these days end up being a battle with her and us. I do have to say, having an insulin pump is a lot better then 4 insulin needles a day, but it’s still a huge struggle for all of us.

Even though she fights these needles and other needles (she goes in for blood work every 3 months), she’s so brave. I always wonder if I’d have the strength to be like her, she amazes me. I know she hates having to be strong all the time and hates feel yuck when she has bad blood sugars, but she has taught me so much on what it means to be strong.

I know as parents we are extremely tired A.L.L. T.H.E. T.I.M.E!! I can’t imagine how tired she has to be. When she has low blood sugars she gets very sleepy and very weak. Part of this is because her brain isn’t getting the proper blood glucose to it, causing it to not function properly. If she gets high blood sugars she can’t control her temper. She will go into a fit, screaming about every little thing. When she is done, she is exhausted and sleepy. I have no idea how she feels, this breaks my heart. When I see her High or Low, I just wish I can make her all better, take it all away. Her little body goes through so much.

Thankfully she is surrounded by many people who love her and support her. For World Diabetes day we asked our family and friends to wear blue and send us a photo to show our daughter. I took those photos and made an 8×10 collage. My hopes is when she’s having a bad day, is feeling lonely and/or is just down, she can look at this photo and see how much she is loved. Thank you to each and every single one of you out there. I look at this smile on her face and it melts me heart.


So, as Diabetes Awareness month ends, please remember that for everyone out there with T1D it doesn’t end.

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