It’s November, which means Diabetes Awareness Month.

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It’s November again, which bassgiraffe’s Thoughts will be dedicating many posts this month bringing awareness to Type 1 Diabetes. This year not only will we be sharing our story but we will also be sharing stories from other families. I’m very excited to also have the chance to work with a few companies to share about their diabetes related products. On November 14th, World Diabetes Day, my daughter and I will be back on Rogers TV, daytime, talking about the signs and symptoms of T1D, I also hope to debunk some myths and to share our personal struggles with the disease.

Thank you all for your support. Below is a photo of my daughter, she wanted to be Wonder Woman this year for Halloween, she said Wonder Woman is going to find the cure for T1D. Also, the other day a friend of hers asked if she still has diabetes. I replied, she will always have diabetes. My daughter piped in and said, “Unless there is a cure, there will be a cure soon.” I love her hope and faith in finding a cure. We pray for one everyday.