Meet Emma, a 10 year old, strong girl with Type 1 Diabetes

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This is Emma and her mom, Amy. I met Amy through friends we have made through Type 1 Diabetes. Amy has also created many crochet pieces for our family and can be found at Amy’s Art Extravaganza. I asked Amy if we could get Emma’s perspective on facing T1D. I’m always talking about this disease from a parent’s point of view and I wanted to know what it was like being the kid.

Emma was diagnosed June 26, 2008 at 4 years old. She is now 10 and from what I see her mom posting about, she’s a pretty amazing kid.

Question- what its like growing up with type 1 diabetes?

Emma- I don’t really remember how things were before diabetes. Its just normal life to me.
Side note from her mom- (Kinda makes me sad and yet proud that she is so accepting of it as being normal)

Question- What do you like the least about T1D?

Emma- I hate the needles the most…but I like getting to have extra treats and candy when I’m low. Also I would feel naked without my pump on.

Question- How do you feel around your friends at school?

Emma- I never feel different from my friends…cause I’m not different… I just has to think of different things than they do sometimes.
side note from her mom- (That one made me happy)

Question- Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Emma- I think a cure will happen in my lifetime…but I don’t think about it very often.

This girl and her mama are such an inspiration to me. Thank you Amy and Emma for allowing me to share a brief glimpse on how it feels to be the one with T1D.