Shake the Crave 90 Day Challenge- Week 4 (with update photos)

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One month has been done on the Shake the Crave challenge, two more to go and a lot more weight to loose. Although I’m happy with the weight loss so far, I do wish I had pushed myself harder, I know I could have lost a lot more. I lost all this weight with minimum physical activity, just think how much I would of lost if I kicked it up a gear? I didn’t think there were be much of a difference in my 1 month photo but you can see some. It feels good to have these photos to help so how much I’ve done, the number on the scale is just one factor in my body transformation.

I like making my shakes the same daily. I know I enjoy the taste and I don’t feel the need to change it up. I enjoy a shake at breakfast and one at lunch. I add two snacks during the day that includes fruits and veggies. For dinner I’ve been trying to decrease my intake of pastas and pizza and adding more chicken and veggies. This next month I’m going to focus on eating a lot more cleaner at dinner time.

For workouts this past week, it was mainly walking. Our house decided to share sickness around, so my energy level has been very low. I think this is the reason for such a low weight loss this week. This next month I plan on adding the elliptical nightly and ab work 3 times a week.

My weight loss goal for this second month is 15 lbs. I know if I just push myself to get off my bum more I will be able to loose that much and possibly more. I’m asking you guys to help keep me accountable, ask me if I’ve done my workout for the day, tell me to push harder, just kick my butt into working hard. Tweet me or post it on facebook or even comment here, I’m asking for all your help. (thank you)

After a whole month I would still recommend adding Shake the Crave to your daily routine. It’s tasty, filling and gives me the energy I need for the day.

My Stats-
*My Start Weight is- 236.8 lbs
*Nov 11- 229.5 lbs
*TOTAL LOSS- 7.3 lbs
*Month 1 total loss- 7.3 lbs
*Month 2 total loss-
*Month 3 total loss-



Goal weight in the next 90 days is to be- 195 lbs.

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