The story behind AnnaPS, clothing for diabetic gear

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On Monday I reviewed two tops from AnnaPS, today I’m going to share with you the story behind the company and tomorrow I will share with you about their underwear/shorts. I love finding companies that get it, they get the needs of people with T1D and make life easier.


In 2011, AnnaPS released its first products. Anna Sjöberg is the
founder of the company and she wears an insulin pump herself.
Anna needed a solution to wearing her pump, especially during
the nights. But also during the warm summer days, either when
she was exercising or when she wanted to use clothes without
pockets such as dresses.
To solve this problem Anna began designing underwear with
pockets to be able to carry the pump. The development process involved others who carried the pump – children, their parents,
both men and women, nurses and pump manufacturers. AnnaPS has been focused on understanding and helping everyone who wears a pump so that they are able to wear it in a simple and comfortable manner. Today there are also products for all diabetics. Make it possible to go out without having to carry an extra bag for all medical equipment.
“Today, I always wear my pump in AnnaPS products”, says
Anna. “It is very nice to not have to worry about where the pump is. At night and when exercising I wear the panties with a pocket.
During the day, carrying the pump in a camisole makes it easier to take out and put back in.”
Anna PS wishes to develop more products for those who wear an
insulin pump, glucose meter, insulin pen and welcomes all ideas and comments.

AnnaPS offers underwear with a pocket to carry your insulin pump or other things like glucose meter, insulin pen or dextro.
Wearing the pump in AnnaPS clothing means that it becomes part of you. You will be free to do what you want without having to think about your pump.
You will sleep better as the pump does not bother you. No worry about getting tangled in the hose or pulling out the infusion set as these problems are minimized through the use of AnnaPS clothing.
You will not drop the pump and you no longer need to hold it if you don´t want that. If you like to get dressed or changed in front of others you will not have to reveal that you have a pump.
In cold weather the insulin is protected. Whether playing sports, exercising, working, or sleeping – it is all possible with AnnaPS underwear.

AnnaPS´s products are specially developed to meet the need pump users have on security, flexibilty and beauty (discrete and good looking storage togehter).
The garments have integrated pockets where the pump is worn and the pocket is placed in a way that allows the body’s natural movements.
Inside the pocket there is an opening where the connection can pass through so that the hose can be stored on the inside of your clothes well protected and concealed. The pump can be taken out or in without taking off from the connection. The pocket can be closed from the outside and thats hold the pump in the pocket.
The material we use in AnnaPS products is a functional material, an eco-viscose (Tencel) of high quality. It breathes and allows no moisture to interfere with the insulin pump or the clothes you are wearing which makes the garment suitable for all occasions.
All AnnaPS products are made with carefully planned design and sustainability for human and environment.

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