Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack- review

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
I suffer with back pain, as well as migraines that cause my back to ache. Often after a longer workout my back will also start to ache. I own a small little heat pad that doesn’t get very warm, that doesn’t stay where I want it and that stays on all the time. I find this little heat pad doesn’t do what I want it to. It doesn’t cover my whole back, which would help me feel better quicker. Plus, if I’m really tired I will often forget to turn my heat pad off. Recently we’ve been looking for a new heat pad. It was perfect timing for us when I was contacted by someone from the marketing team from Thermophore.

For my review I choose the Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack. I was excited for this heat pad because it was so big. It’s 14″ x 27″, long enough to cover my whole back from the base of my neck to the middle of my bum. I also love the automatic off, it shuts off in 30 minutes. No more worries about leaving the pad on for hours, risking a fire. There are three levels of heat, this allows you to get the right heat for your back pain needs.


The pad is covered with a fleece covering that is removable. It says in the description that it has a Moist-sure technology. Meaning no need to use water, it creates it’s on moist type heat. I can really feel this feature, the heat soaks deep into the muscles in my back. The heat pad also has a good weight to it, it lays nice and flat onto my back or on the days I’m having stomach cramps, it lays nicely on my tummy. I love the weight, with my old heat pad I’d have to put a pillow on top of it to make it fit on and around my back properly.


I have no complaints with my Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack. In fact all I can do is praise this product. I’m actually writing this post while I’m heating my sore back. I slipped last week on a wet floor and tweaked my lower back. My new heat pad has been a lifesaver for the pain I’ve been in. Being a mommy I’m always bending over and lifting my children. I’m also working out a lot and have a need to heat my back to sooth my sore muscles.

I think every household would benefit from this product or other products similar to it on the Thermophore website. There are many products on their for all your sore muscles needs, including cold therapy.

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