World Diabetes Day + being on Rogers TV, “daytime”

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Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day. This date was chosen because it happens to be the same day as Sir Frederick Banting’s birthday. He, along with Charles Best discovered insulin. Insulin keeps my child alive, it’s not a cure, just a band-aid till there is a real cure found.

We were blue for diabetes. We asked our friends and family to dress in blue today too. This shows our support for those with type 1 diabetes and to help raise awareness for the disease. Our daughters’ school even got in on the blue, students & staff wore blue to show their support.

Last year Maggie didn’t have a chance to celebrate WDD. Two days before the 14th a substitute nurse at her school gave her too much insulin and Maggie got extremely sick. She missed school and missed seeing anyone wearing blue. It was awesome to see her face each time someone had blue on to show their support. Her entire class wore blue, just so amazing the love that surrounds her. I’ve collected all the photos people have sent us wearing blue, and will be putting together an 8×10 collage photo for Maggie to have. This way when she is feeling lonely she can look at that photo and see all the love and support she has.

Today we had the chance to also go on Rogers TV, “daytime”, to talk about type 1 diabetes. Maggie came with me but would only go on if she could bring her diabetes doll (made by Amy’s Art Extravaganza) and her “Diabetes Forecast” magazine with Miss Idaho (Sierra Sandison) on the cover. She said she was going to be brave to go on TV like Miss Idaho does.


On the show we talked about the symptoms Maggie had before being diagnosed, as well as what it is like to live with a diabetic child. We also talked about how someone with t1d can still eat anything just like anyone else, they just have to count the carbs in it and give insulin for it. She also showed her pump.


It’s always fun to have the opportunity to be on “daytime”. Today marked appearance number 21. Even though I’ve been on many times before this time I was super nervous. This was personal and I wanted to be sure I represented the info for T1D properly. I think I didn’t an ok job at conveying what I wanted to say. Thank you Rogers TV/daytime and Susan Cook-Scheerer, it was an honor.

You can view my other appearances on ‘daytime’ by clicking here. If you wish to see my appearance you can click HERE. The sound isn’t quite right right now, we will be fixing it by the end of the weekend.

Here are a few photos from the show-

Later in the day my three kids and I headed to Uptown Waterloo with JDRF Waterloo. CTV was there and filmed. There was also a photographer there taking a photo of us in a circle (ring of hope) to show us united with each other in hope for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. (I hope to have some photos from that later.


We honestly feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people. The love and support is incredible.