#Cube™ bring your Instagram photos to your home decor- review

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My Thoughts-
Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Instagram. I think I’m obsessed. With #Cube I can take the photos I upload to Instagram and make them in to a digital picture frame.


My #cube came very nicely packaged in a sturdy box. You don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the mail, it’s padded. Plus the box is nice enough you can put a bow on it and give it as a gift with no wrapping required. My #Cube is the “classic” style, it looks like the Instagram symbol but you can also get it in Black or White.


Mine came pre-charged, but if you need to charge it, you simply plug it into your USB port or USB adapter. The frame has three buttons on top. The circle one turns it on. The square one allows you to switch up what you are viewing. The heart button allows you to “like” photos from your Instagram feed. It has a large 8” square LCD display. It is also a touch screen, for you to login, swipe through photos and to search for users you’d like to display.

To make it work you need to log the frame in to your wireless internet. Once you’re online you will then need to log in to your Instagram account. You then have the option of displaying the photos of people you follow, or your own Instagram photos or choose a hashtag you’d like to follow. We crated our own hashtag to display our select photos we wanted to see. If you’re in the regular feeds you can push the heart button and like those photos just like you can in Instagram.


We LOVE this #Cube. My kids like watching the photos flip through and talk about when the photos were taken. They even asked if they could watch it at dinner time, funny I know, but they really were having fun with it. I don’t have any complaints with this frame. It displays well, easy to work and looks awesome on the shelf.

This is a perfect gift to give to new parents, grandparents, hard to buy for teen, and so many more.

**UPDATE!** The more I play around on #Cube, the more cool features I’m discovering. I just learned that if I swipe to the left on a Instagram photo on #Cube, I can see the caption of the photo and who the photo was posted by. I can also stop following users by doing this as well.


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