Guest Post: Unadulterated enjoyment guaranteed- amazing gaming apps to try out

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With the advent of smartphones, waving off boredom is as simple as the task of a few clicks.

Why not try these superb games out to warm up to the magic of entertainment from the world of mobile games!

Action games to make you drool

For starters, one can play Galaxy on Fire 2, which is an action filled game, which comes coupled with killer graphics and great audio effects, and has truly risen to the higher ranks on mobile gaming with its unique gameplay. There are of course pirates and aliens, and you have to fight space battles and occupy space corners as you go along.

Dead Trigger 2 is another insanely loving game that has developed its own dedicated followers from around the world. The game is all about zombie carnage, and you have to shoot and take out the zombies before they attack you. The graphics are stunning in this game, to say the least, and a plethora of missions will keep you occupied for hours on end!

Role play and board games

Baldur’s Gate is a top notch role-playing game, where you set out to uncover the truths about the mythical land of Sword Coast. You have to embark on various journeys and collect loot, which will in turn allow you to level-up, so that you get better means of playing the game. There is more than 50 hours of great gaming in this app, so be sure to try this out.

Hitman Go is a very simple board game, which might look easy, but requires really quick thinking and wits on your part. There is a target, and there are security guards all around, and you are a hitman. And within a matter of mere seconds, you have to improvise ways to dispose of your target, or else you get thrown off the board. This game has become widely popular in recent times and guarantees countless hours of strategising.

Slots, puzzles and more

Check out the Slotomania slot machines app for unadulterated casino gaming action, with latest slots and other games coming your way every day, along with some terrific bonuses and rewards to make your enjoyment multiply manifolds. And lastly, if you are into puzzles, then The Room Two is just the game for you. Players journey into the dark, where they have to unravel facts, by solving some really challenging puzzles, which are mostly multi-layered, so requires your full concentration and thinking prowess. The graphics are great, and the blending of the puzzles into the game setting is seamless, providing you with endless hours of puzzle-busting!