Mini Pop Kids 12- CD reivew

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My Thoughts-
I recently heard of the Mini Pop Kids when they were on the news doing a search for some new talent for the group. I started following them, thinking it would be awesome if my oldest one day because a part of the group. So, when I got an email from some one with a PR group asking if I’d like to review the Mini Pop Kids newest CD #12, I was excited.

The CD is officially coming out tomorrow, December 2, 2014. It’s made up of Canadian kids ages 10-14. Mini Pop Kids dates back all the way into the ’80’s. They take the music that is popular from the current year and make them kid friendly and sung by kids. This CD is a 2 disk set with 22 hit songs.

My girls are in dance and many of the hit songs of this year are used. So when we received the Mini Pop Kids 12 CD they couldn’t wait to listen it it. They already knew the songs and were singing along. As a mom I was excited to listen to the lyrics of the songs and see that they changed the lyrics to them to be kid friendly and more uplifting. For example in the song, “All About That Bass”, they take the swearing out and instead of “think you’re fat”, they say “I know you think you’re that” and instead of “booty” they say “beauty”, plus a lot more positive changes. Every song is done this way, taking the negative words, bad words and sexual content out of them and replacing them with words I would approve my kids singing.

We love this CD. we listen to it every time we’re in the car. My kids also like listening to it before bed as well. I know I can let them listen to it and not worry about the message they are getting from the songs.

Christmas is almost here and I know the Mini Pop Kids 12 and their other ones would make a great stocking stuffer. I’m thinking of getting a copy and giving it to our dance studio to see if they’d be interesting in using these versions of the song, who knows, they may love it.

FIND it-

Disc 1 – 1. All About That Bass 2. Shake It Off 3. Steal My Girl 4. Bang Bang 5. This Is How We Do 6. Rude 7. Problem 8. Maps 9. Happy 10. She Looks So Pefect 11. Let It Go.
Disc 2 – 1. Fancy 2. Trumpets 3. Stay With Me 4. Fireball 5. Break Free 6. Best Day Of My Life 7. Ugly Heart 8. Shower 9. Am I Wrong 10. Life Of The Party 11. Video Killed The Radio Star.