Diabetes never sleeps & neither do we- type 1 diabetes

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Life seems to always go crazy all at once. For us, it’s been crazy since the beginning of December, but this week has been the toughest.

On Sunday (my Birthday) our diabetic child was having a lot of high blood sugars and moderate ketones. Throughout the day we changed her site twice, the tubing twice, the reservoir twice and the insulin once. We even gave her an insulin injection. By midnight her numbers were coming down but not perfect.
Monday morning I hear her say, “I don’t want to go to the hospital”. She told me she threw up and knew she had to go to the hospital. I checked her blood sugar it was 32 mmol/l (577 mg/dl) and her ketones were 5.2 (should be 0). It was bad. Chris brought her to the ER. They discovered she was in DKA and they put her in critical care and monitored her heart. It took 4x’s to get an IV in, 3x’s to get a lock in (so they can do quick blood work) and 4x’s of blood work. Poor girl HATES needles.
Monday evening they finally got her into pediatric care. She was finally allowed to eat but was too sick. Her numbers were coming down and they thought we were getting there for her.
Tuesday morning her lock stopped working so they had to do blood work through a new poke. They also said her blood work looked bad again. So more IV insulin. After awhile her sugars crashes low. She ended up with a headache from the yo-yoing.
She is now finally eating. She will be in the hospital one more day at least. Chris is with her because I have the flu and don’t want to pass it along. It sucks not to be with her.
Diabetes really sucks and if it had a face is punch it for hurting my sweet girl.

We still have no clue what caused these issues this time. Many factors can affect blood sugars- flu, infections, cold weather, warm weather, stress, hormones, pizza does something different to her body then donuts, and just because… Diabetes can’t easily “be under control”, it’s a long, hard battle. I just hope we can get this figured out. We try so hard to keep her healthy. We try so hard to keep her alive and happy.

I know my blogging has been sparse. Please know I think of my readers and blog often. I hope our life will be less crazy soon so I can think straight to type more. Much love.