Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

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My Thoughts-
I love treating my skin special. It helps me feel good about myself and it helps me relax. It’s a “me time” type of event. When I saw the opportunity to review Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask, I was excited to pamper myself and see what the results would be.

First let me share a bit about the Adovia Dead Sea mud mask. It claims to reduce excess oils, minimize pores and give radiant and clear skin. It also claims to tighten and purify pores and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It can also be used as a spot treatment and blackhead remover. The company is 100% CRUELTY FREE and never tests on animals. PLUS they give a 1 YEAR 100%, unconditional, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee! (they stand by their product)

The recommendation is to use this mud mask once a week. If you follow that the one tube can last up to 6 Months to 1 Year!

My skin especially during the winter tends to be tight, dry & oily and blotchy looking. I was hoping the Adovia Dead Sea mud mask would help fix these issues. I can happily say even after 1 use my skin felt and looked even more amazing then I expected. My skin glowed for days and stayed soft too.

The mask was easy to spread on, there was no digging into a tub, you just squeeze the desired amount out of the tube. I did not experience any burning sensations while using it. I did feel my skin get tighter as it dried and I could not talk once it started to harden. I set a timer for 25 minutes and then rinsed it off. It can off easily and the results were seen instantly. The top photo is what my skin looked like after rinsing the mud mask off.

I love this product and will be looking in to more from this company. I think every one who wants a little pampering in their life should grab a tube of Adovia Dead Sea mud mask. I’m extremely pleased with how my skin feels. I’ve used it a few times now and love it every time.

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