His Love For Hybrid Bikes – Guest Post

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Before my son went to the city to work, his weight was normal for his height. After he has started working, he has been steadily putting on a lot of weight. Each time he came back, he will grow bigger and heavier and he had to keep buying new clothes because the clothes he had no longer can fit him. As a mother, I was worried for him and I kept reminding him to do something about his weight.

At the third quarter of last year, my son came back and told us that he is seriously trying to cut down his weight. By now he has changed job with normal working hours. After work, he has the time for exercise. He was telling me that his new colleague has been encouraging my son to join him in their cycling sport. In a way it is healthy and it is a good form of exercise. My son quite like the idea because he used to cycle during his school days. Meanwhile, his colleague is so generous to lend him his spare bike until he gets his own bike.

My son can either buy a second-hand bike or if he thinks he is really serious about cycling, then he can consider buying a brand new bike. He is excited and looking forward to start this new hobby and he wanted to show us the bikes that he is looking for and considering buying. According to him, he wants to get one of the Hybrid Bikes which will be suitable for all kinds of roads and terrains.

I have heard of Hybrid Cars, but Hybrid Bikes is totally new to me. So this dear son of mine, patiently clicked on my computer to show me the pictures and explained to me what they are. There are so many models to choose from and the prices are ranging from about a thousand four to two thousand seven.I feel that if he is really serious and like this new sport, the price should not be a problem to him. The bike can even be used as a mode of transport to and from places nearby to his apartment, can save on fuel too.

Coming to think of it, it has been almost 6 months since he started cycling with his friends and he is enjoying himself and at the same time losing weight. Recently when he was back for the weekend, I saw a noticeable loss of weight and he is much slimmer now.