What is your ring story? Here is mine!

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I’ve been asked to share a story about my engagement ring. When I’m finished I’d love to hear your special stories.

Chris and I met in August of 1999. On November 20, 1999 we started officially dating. By February of 2000 we knew we wanted to marry each other and spend the rest of our lives together.

While on break from school Chris went out to buy me an engagement ring. He picked out the stone and it’s setting, however they couldn’t get it made while we were in town and they would have to ship it to Chris. It took a lot longer then they promised to get it to him but it finally came.

Chris picked me up after work on March 3, 2000. We walked to our favorite playground and sat at one of the benches. There were too many kids there and we couldn’t play on the playground. Or so I thought that was why we were sitting there. Yes we were adults but we still loved playing on the equipment there. It began to rain and the kids started to leave. Chris stood up and I thought we were leaving too. The next thing I know he was on his knee asking me to be his wife. I giggled and said “of course”. And of course we kissed.

I loved my ring. I love what it meant, that we would be together forever. I couldn’t wait to get back to the student dorms and show my friends. I couldn’t wait to call my parents and let them know. My finger had this extra sparkle to it.

On July 29, 2000 we said “I do”. Chris sang me a song he wrote and I smiled so much my face hurt. He added the wedding ring next to my engagement ring. They are a perfect pair. We are a perfect pair. Funny thing is, I knew in Aug 1999 that I wanted to be with him forever.

This year we will be celebrating 15 years married and 16 years of knowing each other. Our life isn’t perfect but I’d never survive with out my partner, my amazing husband.

Do you have a special ring in your life? Maybe a birthstone, a wedding ring, a gift from a friend, a gift from a parent or a family heirloom? Please share your special story. I’d love to hear it.