2 years with Type 1 Diabetes- surviving & stronger

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Two years ago our daughter was diagnosed with T1D. We’ve shared her story with you, our struggles, our joys and our hope. You can read some of my posts by clicking on the word “diabetes” at the top of the post of here.

I look at the above photo on the left and my heart breaks. That day was one of the most horrible days ever in my life. Our little girl was sick, very sick, dangerously sick. I wasn’t sure what the future would hold for her.

The past two years have been extremely rough for all of us. My husband hasn’t slept through the night in 2 years, he’s taken over the night time blood checks to keep her safe. Our daughter since June has been hospitalized 5 times due to ear infections and what that does to her blood sugars. Yes you heard that right, what is a simple ear infection for some is a battle with keeping our kid alive and safe. (Thankfully she is having tubes put in her ear next week and that should help with all the infections. Not going to lie, I’m scared to death of her having surgery. Our oldest had tubes put in and did wonderful, I’m just scared of the unknown with what this will do to her blood sugars for that days.) Our oldest daughter had had to make a lot of sacrificing because of her sister being sick. As a mom, I tend to stress more over all my children’s health, our d-kid adds more to that worry.

Despite all the negative there has been MANY positives with Maggie facing this disease. The love and compassion our kid has for others amazes me. She sees someone sick and she wants to know what we can do help them. She hears of another kid getting T1D and wants to talk to them about it. For an example, a 4 year old friend from church recently was diagnosed with T1D. I told Maggie about it and the first thing she said was “I need to see her and hug her. I need to tell her it’s ok to be scared and brave at the same time”. WOW! What a mature thing to say (she also wanted to make sure this little girl got a bear to hold when she was scared). She’s also become more social, she’s learned to play with kids she doesn’t know because she doesn’t want them to feel alone. She talks with adults with the maturity of an adult. I look at the photo on the right and it brings me joy, she’s growing up to be a wonderful and beautiful girl. I look forward to seeing what the next years will bring for her. Her dream is to be a doctor, I believe she can do this, she has the passion.

Our oldest daughter has had to grow up faster then I would like but she has also learned so much compassion for others by watching what her sister goes through. She’s very gentle and kind to everyone she meets. She’s learned a lot from watching her sister live through T1D.

We as a family has also met an amazing group of people who all face the same challenges and triumph with T1D. Some of these friends are local and we often meet up and talk. It’s nice to have families that get it. They know the struggles, they know the frustrations and they know the joys. We’re able to support each other through being there or already been there with this journey. I’ve also met many amazing online friends with child that have T1D. We may have never met but we feel connected. We feel the hurt when one of them is sick and/or in the hospital. We fell the excitement then our kids do something amazing, like a no fight site change or a sweet card they made for someone else. The Type 1 Diabetes community is a blessing.

There many have been a lot of downs these past years (with little to no sleep) but there has also been many ups. Maggie LOVES rainbows, she is truly the rainbow amongst the storm. That ray of sunshine creating a beautiful rainbow. Below shows her personality, and her love for her sister. (her baby brother wasn’t in the mood for a photo)


Thank you all for following our story. I hope by sharing that we can bring more awareness to this disease. PLEASE if your child shows any of these symptoms bring them to your doctor and ask them for a simple test for T1D. A lot of times the symptoms look like the flu. Get them checked sooner than later. We thought she had the flu and waited over a month, if we had waited too much longer we could have lost her.