CGM for Maggie a GoFundMe fundraiser

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Maggie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in March of 2013 at the age of 3.

Type 1 diabetes is a life-long condition. There is no cure. It is managed by keeping close check on her blood sugars (BG) through poking her finger and then administering insulin.

We would like to get Maggie a CGM (Continual Glucose Monitor). The CGM checks her BG every 5 minutes and gives us a more real-time reading of where her blood sugars are going through the day. With this we will also be able to adjust her insulin to work better with her body. It’s a medical device that will help Maggie and us a lot. It will improve her HbA1c, an average of her blood sugar control over the past 2 to 3 months.

Right now Maggie has her BG checked 10+ times a day. This includes 3-4 checks in the middle of the night that her daddy does (midnight, 3, and 6). We need to check her to be sure her blood sugar does not go low. If it goes low and is untreated she will go into a coma and die. With the CGM it would check her blood for us in-between meals and alert us when her BG is starting to go low (or too high). This will protect her and give us more peace of mind that she is safer at night. (Since she was diagnosed 2 years ago we have not slept through the night).

The cost of the Dexcom CGM is as followed (estimated)-
Transmitter- $800 (changed twice a year)
Receiver- $800
Box of 4 sensors- $400 (1 sensor will last about 7 days. So one year would be $4800)
Night scout (remote monitor wherever she is)- $670
Other supplies needed- $2000
Total- $9870

Chris lost his job at Christmas (2014), but even before that the expense of this was too much for us to add on top of all her other medical needs. This is why we are looking for help. This is why we are using GoFundMe, to help Maggie through her diabetes. Every little bit will help.

We have also started a Facebook page to share Maggie’s story better on.

Thank you,
The Maggie’s Family