The first 21 days of 20 Minute Body by Brett Hoebel- my successes

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If you’ve been following me for awhile now you will know I did a test group of 20 Minute Body this summer. I loved it so much that when Brett Hoebel released the full version on DVD I knew I HAD to have it. So my hubby bought the 3 program set for me. I love workouts with Brett, I loved his other workout videos and I knew these ones would be the same. There is just something about how he does his workouts and brings such a positive attitude to our hard work that keeps me motivated.

I just completes the first program of three. Each program is 21 days long and each workout is 20 minutes plus a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down. As part of my package I was also given downloadable meal plan to follow and a eBook on willpower. I HOPE to be able to buy his new book “The 20 Minute Body”, hubby just needs to find a job first.


I’ll first talk about the workouts. Each week is the same, 3 workouts, then a rest day or an optional Stretch & Recovery, then 2 more workouts and ending the week with a rest day.

My first week I ended up missing two workouts, our daughter had surgery and that took a lot of our time. I did follow the meal plan though. Week two I was able to follow the workout plan with no changes and even added the Stretch & recovery on my Thursday rest day. The third week I got all the workouts in but had to switch up rest days because of funerals and visitations for a lost loved one. Why am I telling you all this? Because I wanted to show that even if life events get in your way you should be able to find at least 20 minutes a day to workout, if not move things around to make it work.

The workouts-
Days 1 & 5 were “Primal Movements”. These workouts require weights, or a resistance band or you can modify with using your own body weight. I love that Brett has four people working out with him on this. There is the modifier who goes a bit more slow, doesn’t go as low and uses her body weight for these workouts. There is a girl who goes faster and lower but only uses her body weight. There is another girl who uses the resistance bands. And there is a guy who uses the weights and does what Brett is doing. There are 4 choices of how you want to workout. I usually tried following the guy but at a bit of a slower pace. One thing I’m really proud of myself on with this is my push-ups. On day 1 I could only do 3 push-ups, after the first week I was able to do 7 push-ups, at the end of the program I did 12 push-ups!!! These workouts really work at building your strength.

Day 2- “The 4×4”. I HATED this workout day, but I pushed through because I knew it was once a week and only 20 minutes. For the most part the workout was ok but they do a “sit through” that hurt my wrists A LOT. (I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and they are weak). I don’t have much more to say about this workout only because I was so focused on just getting it done my mind doesn’t remember everything about it.

Day 3- “30HI 30LO”- I loved this workout. You do 30 seconds of intense workout and then do an active rest for 30 seconds. This type of workout allowed me to push myself to my limit for 30 seconds knowing I’ll get a break really soon. I did mostly the modified moves, only because I’m not in shape and not as strong. As the weeks went on I added more of the regular moves.

Day 4 & 7- Rest or on day 4 you can do BPS (Booty, chest & abs) and Stretch & recovery. I choose to do an active rest day on days 4. My kids also would join me on these days, they loved getting to workout with mommy. I’d have to say I really loved the stretch and recovery part. I have hip problems and the stretching felt so good.

Day 6- “Cardio Capoeria“- MY FAVORITE workout. I loved doing Capoeria with Brett in his other workout videos and couldn’t wait to do the 20 Minute Body version. This workout he has only one other person with him. She’s a familiar face to me from his other workout video, so that was fun to see her again. There are 4 rounds in this workout, you start out with arms and punches, move to legs and kicks, then do some Capoeria and end with a combo of everything. Brett adds a bit of Capoeria flavor to all the moves, including balanca, a move where you bend your knees and sway back & forth. He also adds a lot of “booty time” where you hold in a squat position. At the end of the workout just when you think your legs and booty can’t take no more he adds Bunda Blasters- you squat and jump up in the air squeezing your booty while you’re up. My bum was sore for days after the first week.

The food-

20-minute-body-food1For the most part I followed the meal plan given. Being on the go I had to modify a lot but part of the meal plan included how to eat while on the go. For breakfast I always had a shake made with Vega One. It’s my favorite meal of the day and very filling. I would include one snack during the day, usually veggies, nuts and eggs. For lunch I would make an egg dish or eat a salad with protein in it. For dinner we tried several meals in Brett Hoebel’s meal plan. Our favorites were Spaghetti Squash (I’ll never eat real pasta again), my kids loved this so much that they wanted it in their school lunches and we’d have no leftovers. We also enjoyed Mediterranean Meatloaf, the difference with this is there is no bread, it’s made with eggplant. It was simple to make and tasted amazing. If I was hungry later in the evening I would eat Seaweed chips or a bit of popcorn. For the most part I was full most of the day from all the meals I ate. I also made sure I drank plenty of water each day.

The results-
My first week I didn’t loose any weight, but part of that I think was from missing two workouts, extreme stress and lack of sleep. The last two weeks were better for me. Below are my results. Weight loss wasn’t huge but the other numbers show my hard work paid off.

These show the inches I lost in 21 days.
Weight: -6.0 lbs
Bust line: -1.5 inches
Waist: -1.5 inches
Left arm: +0.5 inches
Right arm: 0 inches
Naval: -1.75 inches
Hips: -1.0 inches
Abductors: +0.5 inches
Right thigh: +0.75
Left Thigh: 0 inches


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