The Flex Belt- review (#flexbelt)

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My Thoughts-
“The Flex Belt is an electric muscle stimulation device that is designed to tone, firm, and strengthen the abdominal and oblique muscles at the same time. The Flex Belt comes with a 2 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee so there is little risk. And has been cleared by the FDA.”

I’ve been hearing a lot about a product called The Flex Belt, so when the opportunity to review it came up I was really excited to try it out. The belt has 10 different setting and can go up to an intensity of 150. I’m usually around 75-80 for intensity. You pick how strong you want it, for me I start with 75 and after awhile I get use to the felling and increase it up to 80 or a bit higher. You start the Flex Belt on setting number 1 and the belt will work you through each setting after that, up to setting 10.

The box with the flex belt comes with the belt, an extender for the belt, three gel pads, Flex Rechargeable Power Controller, the charger and a carrying bag; as well as instructions on how to use it. The gel pads will need to be replaced after about 30 uses, but everything else should work for the life of the product.

IMG_3075To use it, you first charge the controller, once it’s charged you’re ready to use it. For your first use you will need to apply the gel pads by peeling the backing off and sticking it to the belt. You then peel the top layer off the gel pads (be sure to keep those covers). You place the center pad on your belly button and stretch out the belt to have the outer pads touch your sides. It fastens with velcro. You then plug the controller into the belt and press the on button until you hear it beep. You then select your setting and intensity level. Once you reach the level you’re comfortable with you can stick the controller into the pouch on the belt provided and then go about your day.

I’ve been using the Flex Belt for two weeks now and I can already feel a difference. The first few days I even had a bit of sore muscles after using, just like when I do crunches on my own. It’s very simple to use and it’s easy to wear under my clothes. I even wore it once picking up my kids from school. It’s perfect for my lifestyle, as I’m always running around with my kids, between school, dance, church, extra school programs…

Would I recommend this product? I think so, I’ve seen results and it’s something I enjoy doing with my busy schedule. Because it contracts your stomach muscles it may not be something everyone will like, but for me I like it.

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