“Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast” Blu-ray Combo Pack- review

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My Thoughts-
“Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast” Blu-ray Combo Pack

Our family has every Tinker Bell and Fairies movie out there. To say we’re huge fans would be an understatement. We were very excited for the new Tinker Bell Movie. This one features the fairy, Fawn, the animal fairy. She has a heart for all animals, small or big. She got in trouble for bringing an injured baby hawk into their land, this was a huge danger to everyone. She was warned to think more with her head and less with her heart. Then one day a store came in and all the sudden there was this giant beast with green eyes. She takes the time to get to know him and sees he’s not dangerous but some of the other fairies believe he’s there to wipe out their land. One day the sky will turn green and there will be four piles of rocks that the beast built. It was believed this was to ruin the land. But Fawn believed it was for some other reason. To find out what happens you will need to watch the movie. Is Fawn correct? Is the beast safe? Or is legend right and will all fairies be done away with?

I think this was my favorite Fairy movie so far. It was engaging and cute. Tinker Bell was not the main focus, so that gave us the chance to know another fairy better. I would encourage you to watch the special features as well. It tells the background of the story, they used the love of animals that one of their daughter’s has to write this story and to create the Neverbeast. It’s really cute to hear about how it all came about.

If you like Tinker Bell and Fairy movies this will be one you will enjoy too. I hope they do more movies like this one, featuring other characters other than Tinker Bell. It was fun.

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