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My Thoughts-
“Finding Me” by Kathryn Cushman

Kelli Huddleston’s father recently died in a car accident. She was left to empty his house. One room she was never allowed to be in was the one room that will change her life forever. The life she thought was real was not. She believed her mother and siblings died in a house fire. However she finds out that they are still alive and across the States. Kelli makes a trip to see them but doesn’t want them to know who she is. She needs to know why her dad left them behind. While there she discovers more then she wanted to know but was glad to know. All the while she is also searching for God and how He fits into her life.

This book started off slow but after the first 100 pages it got really really good. It was so good that I found myself reading way too late at night. I wanted to find out what Kelli discovers about her family. I wanted to know if she would tell her long lost family about her secret. I wanted to see if she would overcome the fears she has. Once I got to know the characters and the story line I couldn’t stop reading. The author does a great job at pulling me into this story and making me feel the emotions they all feel.

There is mystery, adventure, romance, family time and Christian values. The thing I like the most about this book is the relationship between Kelli and Kenmore. Kenmore was her father’s old friend. Kenmore figures out who she is right away and tries to help her understand where God was when all this happened and to understand what God would want her to do. He quotes many Bible verses and shares his own personal stories. It’s a sweet relationship, almost like he’s her uncle.

I would recommend this story for anyone looking for a cute faith filled book. The only thing I was sad about was when it ended. I wanted to see the relationships build more.

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