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I finished Program 2 of 20 Minute Body. I feel so much strong after this program. By the last week I was pushing myself so hard that I wasn’t following the modifier for most of the workouts. I’ve had a lot of NSV (non-scale victories) these past 21 days. A few of them are, there was a sweatshirt that I couldn’t wear in January. Now I can wear it and it fits so comfortably. Another one is I haven’t been able to wear my wedding rings since before our now 19 month was born. They now fit. The last are a pair of pants I wore when I was at my skinniest at 185 lbs, they don’t fit perfectly but they button up and I can wear them with a longer shirt on and look good in them. My body is changing and it feels great. I’ll be doing the last program for these next 21 days. I’ve already reached one of my goal, to loose 10 lbs from the start of this program! I’m looking forward to even more changes in my body and hope to reach a few goals I have.

The workouts-
Days 1 & 5 were “HIITMan”. One word, TOUGH. It’s tough but it’s so fun to kick my butt with something that feels too hard to do. It proves to me that my body can do anything if I just put my mind to it. It’s very high intensity.

Day 2- “The 4×4”. 4 rounds, 4 moves, little breaks. It’s still one of my least favorite workouts but I just do it, it’s only done once a week, so 20 minutes a week of something I don’t like isn’t that big of a deal.

Day 3- “30HI 30LO”- It’s what I would call an “upgrade” to Program 1’s workout. You do 30 seconds of intense workout and then do an active rest for 30 seconds. This type of workout allowed me to push myself to my limit for 30 seconds knowing I’ll get a break really soon. By the end of program 2 I was able to do a lot of these workouts full force. I’m feeling so much stronger.

Day 4 & 7- Rest or on day 4 you can do BPS (Booty, chest & abs) and Stretch & recovery. I did a few of the BPS workouts but also started picking up running again. It feels great.

Day 6- “Cardio Capoeria“- It is still MY FAVORITE workout. This workout he has only one other person with him. She’s a familiar face to me from his other workout video, so that was fun to see her again. There are 4 rounds in this workout, you start out with arms and punches, move to legs and kicks, then do some Capoeria and end with a combo of everything. Brett adds a bit of Capoeria flavor to all the moves, including balanca, a move where you bend your knees and sway back & forth. He also adds a lot of “booty time” where you hold in a squat position. At the end of the workout just when you think your legs and booty can’t take no more he adds Bunda Blasters- you squat and jump up in the air squeezing your booty while you’re up. Everything got easier each week.

The results-
Below I will list the inches lost in Program 2 and in brackets say how many I lost in the first 42 days.

These show the inches I lost in 42 days.
Weight: -4.8 lbs (total -10.8 lbs)
Bust line: +0.5 inches (total -1.0 inch)
Waist: -2.5 inches (total -4.0 inches)
Left arm: +1.0 inches (total -1.25 inches)
Right arm: 0.25 inches (total -0.25 inches)
Naval: -0.75 inches (total -2.5 inches)
Hips: -0.25 inches (total -1.25 inches)
Abductors: 0.0 inches (total +0.5 inches)
Right thigh: -0.25 (total +0.5 inches)
Left Thigh: +1.0 inches (total +1.0 inches)


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