WillLand Outdoors New Duffle Bag Review & Giveaway (open to Canada only)

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My Thoughts-
We have a huge need for a good bag in our family. I know that sounds strange but let me explain. We have a 19 month old, a daughter with type 1 diabetes, both daughter’s in dance and my purse. We also travel a lot during the summer to visit family. With the WillLand Outdoors Duffle Bag I can see MANY uses for it. The obvious use is for traveling, but I can also see it working as a diaper bag, diabetes bag and purse all in one for those days we are out for more than an hour.

IMG_3761I was pleasantly amazed at the quality of this bag. It’s sturdy, had thick zippers to hold tighter when traveling., has a lot of storage and has the option of being carried by two handles or a strap over my shoulder. The duffle bag has 6 outside pockets, that don’t zip up. In one of those pockets is a “hidden” zippered pocket for the small stuff you might want to be able to get to quickly but don’t want falling out or easily seen. The inside of the bag has an open mesh pocket and a zipper mesh pocket. On the end of the back is a zipper portion that has a pouch that goes inside the bag to hold your dirty laundry.

IMG_3755I packed clothes as if I was going out for 3-4 days. I had my workout clothes, regular clothes, hair products, running shoes, dress shoes, clothes to dress-up in, a book, socks and some fitness tools. It all fit easily and the zipper was easy to close. (A note about the video I will post at the end of this review. I had packed and repacked this bag twice before filming with no issues. AT the end of the video you will see I filled the bag and couldn’t close it, I packed it backwards to how I did it before. I’m slightly embarrassed that I did it wrong, but please know everything does fit. I took photos to show it.) With the shoulder strap the bag felt nice and light on my shoulder and easy on my back.


I love this bag for traveling and can’t wait for summer when we make a trip up North to see family. However I’ll be using this bag way before summer comes. I plan on transferring the diaper bag contents to it. Then on days we’re out for longer times I will add my purse contents and the items we need to take care of our daughter’s T1D. I’m use to lugging around three bag full of the gear we need, it will be nice to have it all fit into one bag that isn’t so big that it gets in the way but big enough for our needs. I’d also use this bag for the gym, if I was still a member. The side pockets would hold a water bottle easily and the laundry pouch would be perfect for my stinky laundry after my hard workout.

I would recommend WellLand Outdoors for any of your luggage and bag needs. They have some great backpacks and suitcases to choose from. I’m impressed with their quality and their use of storage space in one little bag. I also love that they are a Canadian company, it’s always nice to support local.

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