Wooden Watch from WoodWear.ca made with Canadian Maplewood- review

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My Thoughts-
My husband really loves the look and feel of wood watches, as well as wooden cell phone cases. When I saw I had an opportunity to review a wooden watch made in Canada from Maplewood I got really excited. I knew it would be something my hubby would wear often.

IMG_3582The watch we received from WoodWear.ca is called Maple Might. The watch is a light wooden color, has glow in the dark hands (with Japanese quartz movement), a date display, “woodwear” inscribed on the back and is put on your wrist with a clasp.

My husband right away loved it. It’s light weight and he loved the colour. He also loves the square look of the face. He does have problems with using the clasp, it’s hard for him to put on. (welcome to the world of women trying to put on bracelets, lol)

I love that it’s Canadian made, with Canadian wood. Another thing I love about this company is that for every product sold they plant a tree in Canada. My husband can wear this watch knowing that there was a tree planted to replace the one taken down for this watch. THAT is awesome!

On the WoodWear.ca website we also see they sell sunglasses. That would be another wooded product my hubby would love to have as well. With the quality our wooden watch was made with I’m sure the sunglasses will be just as amazing.

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