Program 3 of 20 Minute Body by Brett Hoebel- my RESULTS

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I finished Program 3 of 20 Minute Body. I finished the full 20 Minute Body program sets. I’m glad we bought these DVD’s, I love these workouts. For the next three weeks I plan on doing each program, one a week. So all three programs in three weeks. I didn’t want to stop these workouts and I wanted to switch things up a bit.

I found my endurance greatly increased. I could do more of the cardio for longer and I didn’t feel burned out when I would finish a workout. Program 3 is HARD, I can see needing to get through the first two programs before starting this one if you’re out of shape like me. My first week in program 3 I felt like I couldn’t do any of it. My last week of the program I felt so much stronger and was able to push myself very hard.

Eating went very well this time around. My husband and I really enjoy a Vega One shake for breakfast, we sometimes even enjoy another shake at lunch, depending on our schedule and how busy we are. When we’re in a rush we tend to grab whatever and go, usually that whatever is an unhealthy food but with Vega One it’s easy to grab and go and know it’s healthy for us.

I’m happy with my results. I met a lot of my fitness and weight-loss goals.

The workouts-
Day 1 was “Pyramid”. You do 6 different moves but you build up to them. You first do one move, then you repeat that move and add another move to it and so on. The harder moves for me were at the end but knowing I’d only have to do them a few times made it easier to push through.

Day 2- “HITMAN”. I had a hard time with program 2’s HIITMAN but in program 3 I found the moves to be easier for me to do, which meant I could push harder each time.

Day 3 & 5- “30HI 30LO”- I always love 30hi 30lo. You push yourself as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then have an active rest for 30 seconds for 4 rounds.

Day 4 & 7- Rest or on day 4 you can do BPS (Booty, chest & abs) and Stretch & recovery. I did a few of the BPS workouts but also started picking up running again. It feels great.

Day 6- “Cardio Capoeria“- It will always be MY FAVORITE workout. This workout he has only one other person with him. She’s a familiar face to me from his other workout video, so that was fun to see her again. There are 4 rounds in this workout, you start out with arms and punches, move to legs and kicks, then do some Capoeria and end with a combo of everything. Brett adds a bit of Capoeria flavor to all the moves, including balanca, a move where you bend your knees and sway back & forth. He also adds a lot of “booty time” where you hold in a squat position. At the end of the workout just when you think your legs and booty can’t take no more he adds Bunda Blasters- you squat and jump up in the air squeezing your booty while you’re up. I could do this everyday.

The results-
Below I will list the inches lost in all three programs, 63 days.

Weight: -16.2 lbs
Bust line: -1.5 inches
Waist: -4.5 inches
Left arm: -1.25 inches
Right arm: -1.25 inches
Naval: -3.5 inches
Hips: -2.25 inches
Abductors: -0.25 inches
Right thigh: +1.0 inches
Left Thigh: +1.0 inches


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