“Together With You” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Together with You” by Victoria Bylin

The book starts out with 5 year old Penny Tremaine goes missing at the mall. She is a child of FASD (fetal alcohol effects) and can get lost easily and trusts strangers too much. Her father Dr Ryan Tremaine is beside himself when she gets lost, she’s been through so much- her mother dying, nannies coming & going and learning to live with her two older step-brothers (Eric & Kyle). Carly Mason is working in a toy department in the mall when she hers the Adam alert. She’s working in the mall while she does to school for FASD. When she finds Penny she knows immediately that she has FASD. Dr Tremaine is glad that Carly found his daughter. He sees how she handles Penny and asks her to be her nanny. Carly doesn’t want to, she felt like she failed another child in her past that had FASD and that child ran away and hasn’t been heard from. Carly prays about the request and asks God to give her a sign. That sign comes but Carly still isn’t sure. She’s noticing that she finds Ryan very attractive and she doesn’t want to go against her beliefs to fall for a non-Christian. She stays the summer and falls not only with Ryan but with the whole family. Things are getting to close and she thinks about leaving.

This is a very cute Christian romance book. The Tremaine family and Carly are a family I wish I could be part of. The ups & downs they go through feel real and the adventures they go through seems exciting. This is a good clean book. I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want it to end.

I would recommend this book to people ages 16+. It’s got a lot of Christian lessons and morals in it. There are some hard answers in it.

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