I have a HORRIBLE @UPS driver!

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I’ve had this driver from UPS that delvers to me for over 4 years now, I’ve always had problems with him and I’ve reported him several times for his issues. This past week and a half has gone too far now.

Friday, June 12- I see via UPS My Choice that I have a package coming. When the UPS driver arrives he informs me that the package has a C.O.D. on it. I told him, “I was under the assumption that the sender was paying this fee. I will have to ask you to take the package back to the depot until I’m able to contact the sender. Once I figure out what they want me to do I will call UPS and let them know.”
I email the sender and we worked it out that they would reimburse me for the charges. So I called the “800” UPS number and had them make it on my file to resend the package back to me and I will pay the C.O.D.

Monday, June 15- I see via UPS My Choice that my package is in route and I wait around for it to come. At 6PM, UPS My Choice is updated by the driver saying he attempted to deliver my package and I refused it. This was a LIE! He NEVER came to my door. If he had I would have paid for it.
Once I see this I tweet about this issue and the UPS customer service asked me to email them about my issue with my tracking number. I do this and they tell me someone will be calling me in the morning.

Tuesday, June 16- Around 9AM I get a call from someone at the local UPS branch telling my package will be coming today. So I wait around AGAIN. Around 6:50PM I see that UPS My Choice says the driver attempted to deliver and I refused it! BULL CRAP! LIES! He never came and I was home all day. We even made our daughter (whose birthday it was) not be able to go to the park so we’d be home when he came.
I emailed back the customer service I had emailed the day before AND I called the 800 number to make sure someone knew how upset we were. They filed the complaint and said someone would call me in the morning.

Wednesday, June 17- I received another phone call from someone at the local branch. They were confused at why the driver would be doing this and they suggested I call the 800 number and request to pay the C.O.D. with them, she asked me to call her back once I paid it and she would make sure the package went out that day.
Thankfully I FINALLY received my package.

You would think that was the end of my story but it was not. I noticed I was receiving another package this Monday and that it had a C.O.D. on it. GREAT, I thought, here we go again.

Monday, June 22- UPS My Choice said my package should come between 12-4. I waited around and even sat by my window to make sure I didn’t miss him. At 2:40 UPS My choice says that the driver attempted delivery but I was not home!! REALLY!?!? REALLY!?! LIAR! I was home, he never even drove by.
I picked up the phone and called the local depot number I was given last week. I wasn’t about to go through the 800 number and be forced to wait 24 hours for my package to come. I knew he was still in the area and he was going to deliver this package NOW! When I called this number I was spoken to rudely, “How did you get this number, you shouldn’t call this number, I can’t help you.” I finally got her to help me and she called the driver and he delivered the package. My husband answered the door when the driver came by. My husband ask him why he didn’t even try to deliver the package in the first place. The driver responded “Because she refused C.O.D. last time.” That doesn’t make sense. Last Friday I asked him to bring it to the depot until I talked with the sender, that had nothing to do with this current package.
I called back the local UPS depot. I requested that this driver no long deliver on my route. They said they couldn’t do that. I said that if this driver does this again I would have to call the police(he’s basically stealing my packages if he’s refusing to deliver them). The lady on the phone then informed me that if I involved the police that they would withdraw service to my home. WOW! Great customer service. And she was rude again and said they wouldn’t help me unless I called the 800 number. So I hung up and called the 800 number. The person was kind and helpful. She said that someone should be calling me tonight, before 7PM to talk with me about this issue. Well, it’s 10:30 and I’m writing without receiving any kind of phone call.

I’ve reported this guy several time. Three times this past year. One for him smoking inside the truck and how my packages always stink of smoke. And these two times.

I’ve been greatly inconvenienced by this driver, including ruining some birthday fun for my child. I sat around three days last week waiting for him and then today. (It’s like the plumper saying he’ll be here but never showing. You’re whole day is ruined.) I’ve had to make several phone calls, send many emails and tweets to try to get things fixed, to have my package delivered right. I’ve been put through a lot of stress. This driver should be fired, but evidently he is someone’s friend at the local branch and he can get away with not doing his job properly. It sucks, if any one else would pull this kind of crap at their job they’d be let go. This isn’t a one time issue with him, and I can’t be the only one with problems with him. I DREAD my next UPS package. I don’t like him and I don’t want to see him. But I shouldn’t be the one punished and be forced to go out of my way to drive to the depot to pick up a package that someone paid to have delivered TO me. So frustrated!