“Taken” by Dee Henderson- book review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
“Taken” by Dee Henderson

Shannon Bliss went missing 11 year ago, when she was 16 years old. After 11 years she escapes and seeks out a PI by the name of Matthew Dane. She carefully picked him because his daughter had been taken years a go and she felt like he would know how to best help her. Shannon is a woman with lists, things have to be done and some in a particular order. It takes Matthew some time to get use to how she is handling things but he understands her; better then most people. Through out the story they are looking for the family that took her and she is also seeing the family she was taken away from. There is a lot of emotion and twists through out the story, including Shannon finding the love of her life and Matthew falling in love.

This storyline was driving. I felt like I wanted to read the book till i finished it without stopping. I felt my heart race at times, worried that the bad guys would show up and take Shannon. I would cry when the emotions that Shannon were feeling came out or when bad news would come. I felt excitement when when awesome things would happen. And I felt hope that Shannon and Matthew would realize how they felt.

My favorite part was when Matthew asked about Shannon’s faith in God and how it could be intact after all that she went through and she responded with this- “We’re Adam and Eve’s children, reaping their decision. We chose the knowledge- the experience of good and evil- and we found out just how bitter and dark evil really is… My faith survived because I realized God didn’t want this for us, He never had. I’m passionately looking forward to a new Heaven and Earth where only good exists once more.” That is deep and powerful, something that has me thinking a lot about my own life and how I look at the troubles in my life.

If you’re looking for a great summer read this would be a book for you. Filled with adventure, suspense, romance and faith in God.

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