Everlast Sports Nutrition Breakfast shake- review (#EverlastLean)

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My Thoughts-
I had the opportunity to test out a week’s supply of Everlast Lean, Naturally Flavored Breakfast Shake Mix. This is only one part of a two part system.

I had a lot of questions about how this would work, the box said to add it to an 8 oz glass of water for breakfast. I wasn’t sure if it was to count as breakfast or to go along side of it. One of the reps was very helpful in letting me know the importance of eating breakfast with my shake, it helps with the affect of the shake. She even suggested some food ideas, such as eggs. I had mine alongside my breakfast shake I normally have.

The first day I mixed my Everlast Lean Shake mix with water using a spoon. This was a huge mistake, it really didn’t mix well. The next day I used a shaker cup, it still didn’t mix well and was very gritty. The third day I used my blender and it was still gritty. So on day four I tried mixing it with my normal breakfast shake, still wasn’t the greatest. On top of the gritty texture I didn’t enjoy the taste at all. It was a strange sweet taste to me. I think I might have been vanilla, but I’m not sure. I still finished all 7 days to give the shake a fair chance.

I did feel fuller when I was using the shake. By lunch time I didn’t feel like eating a big meal, just a small salad or sandwich. Even by dinner I didn’t feel the need to eat a whole lot. It was nice to not always feel hungry and want to snack all the time.

I looked at the nutrition information and I was glad to see it was low in sugar, only 1 gram. It also is low in calories, 70, so you can still feel ok eating a healthy breakfast. It also contains 15 vitamins & minerals.

If you’re looking for an easy way to help manage your appetite for the day I would recommend Everlast Lean. I may not have enjoyed the taste or texture but I was able to drink it down fast and then get on with my day. I also know everyone enjoys different flavors and textures to their food, so maybe some will enjoy it.

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