Fall Picture Books from Peter Pauper Press- review

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My Thoughts-
If there is one thing my kids love the most it would be books. Two of my three kids think they are even better then playing with toys. They can sit for hours just reading or being read too. I love being introduced to more great children books, it means more variety to read from. Peter Pauper Press is releasing three new books that focus on the Fall and Winter. Below is more info about the books and my thoughts on them.

all-things-lost-book“All the Lost Things” by Kelly Canby (August 2015). A little girl named Olive goes out for a walk. All around her people are shouting and seem angry. On her walk she finds a manhole that is open and hears a noise inside. She goes in and discovers an old lady with boxes and boxes surrounding her. She tells Olive that the boxes are things that people have lost and tells Olive that she can take a few things. The boxes are filled with strange things like “memory”, “humor” and “hope”. Some of the boxes she takes are for her family but “hope” is for something even more special.
I LOVED this book. The illustrations are fun and colorful. The story line is very cute. And the moral of the story is heartfelt. Olive could have had anything her heart desired from the boxes but she choose things to help those around her. She did a selfless act.

no-yeti-yet-book“No Yeti Yet” by Mary Ann Fraser (September 2015). Two brothers decide it’s a perfect day to go look for a Yeti. The older brother knows how to look for a Yeti and the younger brother asks him a lot of questions. Little did they know, the Yeti was following them. The boys end up in a cave with Yeti footprints. They take their camera out to get a photo but are scared when an actual Yeti shows up. They run home, the Yeti follows. In the end they learn he’s a nice guy. This was my favorite book. On each page you can have your child look for the hidden Yeti. I also love the adventure the two brothers go on, the imagination they share together is priceless. When I was reading I could see my two girls going on this adventure and befriending the Yeti in the end too.

minas-white-canvas-book“Mina’s White Canvas” by Hyeon-Ju Lee (September 2015). Mina didn’t like how gloomy it was outside so she used her white crayon to color snowflakes in the dark sky. Her world changes and soon she is in a winter wonderland. She then goes on a big adventure meeting new friends along the way and using her other crayons to help them all out. This book is full of imagination and wonder. You never know what or who Mina will meet and how she will have to help them. My kids liked trying to figure out what Mina should do next and she she was going to meet next. I used the book to point out colors and help my kids know that any artwork they do can become anything they want it to be.

These three new books are so cute. My kids and I are very happy to have them in our collection.

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