Montage Photo book- review (#montagebook)

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My Thoughts-
We love taking photo but we fail at getting them printed. We are slowing trying to catch up and thanks to Montage photo books I was able to finally print a book with photos from 2010. See, I told you we were behind.I’ll start with how we created out book and then tell you my thoughts about how the photo book turned out. I’ve also included a video of our book and how the website worked for us.

I’m not very computer savvy so I asked my husband to create the Montage photo book. We were able to fit a maximum of eight photos per 2 pay layout. The awesome thing was after you uploaded your photos you can pre-arrange the photos to groups to be added to pages. This allowed us to add 8 photos or if we wanted to feature fewer photos on a page we could do less, without hassle of moving them around. Once a photo has been used you will see a check mark on the preview at the bottom of the screen. One of my favorite features would have to be the ability to easily change the layout of a page to fit your needs, then you can move the photos around to be sure what you wanted to be seen was seen. (see video) Once you’re photo book is created it’s easy to save and even easier to order. From putting our order in to it arriving to our door was less than a week! That was crazy fast.

IMG_5160WOW! That is what I kept saying over and over again from the moment I opened my package. My photo book arrived in this nice sturdy storing box that was covered with shrink wrap to help keep it safe, in case the package would get wet. This box is so nice that we will be keeping out photo book in it while it’s on our shelf for photos.

IMG_5161 Inside the box I found a fancy looking paper, it was my invoice! They care enough about their product that they even made sure the invoice looked nice. I then pulled out my photo book that was shrink wrapped on to a cardboard base to keep it dry and to keep it from getting banged up in shipping. Upon open the shrink wrap I was immediately impressed with the feel of the photo book. The leather was so soft and looked so elegant.

IMG_5162I opened the photo book to the first page and was amazed even more. The inside was a montage of all the photos we uploaded for the book. I wasn’t expecting this and it actually made me cry, it was such a sweet and personal touch to our photo book. I then discovered the back page was done the same way. I hadn’t even opened my photo book to the photos and I was already so impressed. I couldn’t wait to dive into our book.

IMG_5163The quality of how our photos looked was “wow”, high amazing quality. The photos colors popped! The pages were nice and thick as well, to help keep our book looking nice through many people looking through it. I also loved that these books will lay flat when opened. I found a lot of photo books we have to hold them open to look at and it doesn’t make it easy for others to look at it with you. With Montage books, the pages lay flat.

The day after we received out photo book as customer care person emailed us, asking if there were any issues or if we had any questions about our order. I thought this was a very nice touch. It showed me that they really care about their customers and that they stand by their product.

We are beyond IMPRESSED with Montage photo books. Once we get our act together we hope to order more of our years of photos from them. I know if I order from them that I will be getting a high quality looking book that is meant to last. Keeping our memories safe for a very long time.

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