Teen Beach Movie 2 on DVD

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My Thoughts-
All of us in our family LOVED the first Teen Beach Movie and couldn’t wait to see Teen Beach Movie 2. We no longer get the Family channel so we had to wait till the movie was on DVD.

The summer is coming to an end and Mack and Brady have one last night on the beach before school starts. While in the water the necklace that Lela gave her fell off. Mack & Brady start school and they realize that they don’t have much in common and start to drift apart. Meanwhile Lela and the rest of the gang from the 60’s movie find the necklace on their beach. Lela feels there is something more to her life then being a ditzy girl who follows along mindlessly with her boyfriend. With this necklace she feels like she could find Mack. She and Tanner walk into the water and end up in the real world in our day and age. Soon Lela finds there is so much more t life and she doesn’t want to leave. However there are problems in the movie world, people are disappearing. Mack & Brady need to figure out how to get Lela & Tanner back to their world.

With the true fashion of the first Teen Beach Movie, the music is fun and the dancing catchy. My girls were trying to remember the dances the next day and were dancing around in our back yard. My oldest was excited that our DVD contained the necklace that Mack & Lela wear. She’s been pretending to go to each world and acting them out.

I love movies that have my kids using their imagination for days afterwards. I also love movies that after hearing it once I have the songs stuck in my head. With this movie it also has a great lesson about being who you are and not what others expect you to be. Lela learns that she can be anything she wants, she doesn’t have to follow the script of her life. Brady learns that it’s ok to have dreams and to share them with the ones he cares about.

The ended kind of made us sad because it changed how things with Mack & Brady started. We do hope their is a Teen Beach Movie 3, we want to go back to the movie world and see how things are going there.