“The Looney Experiment” #book review

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My Thoughts-
“The Looney Experiment” By Luke Reynolds

Atticus is a shy, quiet teen who does not like speaking in public or playing baseball. The book open with him trying to give a presentation in English class. When he gets nervous he starts to daydream and his imagination runs wild. He ends up running out of time to talk and fails yet another presentation. His dad wants him to play baseball, but he’s terrible at it and hates playing. He only plays to try and please his dad. Atticus also has to face a terrible bully that verbally and physically abuses him. One day a substitute teacher arrives to English class, Mt looney. He’s a very strange teacher, but the kids start to really like him. He even has made Atticus more comfortable speaking in class. Atticus’ bully doesn’t like that he’s not afraid anymore and does something awful. Atticus needs to learn to stand up for what is right and be brave/strong.

I enjoyed this book. I felt my emotions go with the flow of the book. I liked that Atticus is your not so normal teen, yet really is. He’s the easy target for bullies. The end he fights for what is right and the bully does not win. Things may not have fully gone the way I hoped at the end, but the good guy won and that is all that counts.

This book is a lesson on how to be strong and stand up for yourself. It also address bullying and what to do in the case of it. There is also a parallel to a father in the book, the teacher and God, as well as a parallel of To Kill a Mocking Bird and Atticus from that book.

I really hope there will be more books with Atticus and his classmates, I fell in love with these characters and how the story was written.

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