“The Curse of Crow Hollow” #book review

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My Thoughts-
“The Curse of Crow Hollow” By Billy Coffey

I’ll start out by saying I a HUGE fan of Billy Coffey’s books and writing. He knows how to twist the mind and incorporate a godly perspective to each book. I’ve been reading books in his Mattingly series but was looking forward to this new book/new town to explore and learn more about the town folk.

The book is written from the view of a town’s person of Crow Hollow. Someone has come to the town and the narrator wants to give them a warning about Crow Hollow and the evil that lurks there. Everyone in town leaves Alvaretta Graves, a widow who lives up in the mountain. They believe her to be a witch. One night a group of high school kids sneak into the mines that are close to Alvaretta’s cabin to camp out. In the morning they find strange tracks that could not be left by anything human. They follow those tracks right up to the “witch’s cabin”. They run all the way to their cars and arrive at church. At church something happens to the girls and the town believes they have been cursed by the witch. Fingers are pointed every which direction at each other of who is at fault and what will happen to the town.

When I was done with this book I said to my self, “I think I’ll stick to the town of Mattingly, Crow Hollow is a place no man should visit.” I had more goose bumps than I could count while reading this story. I loved it. The ending is even more twisted than I imagined. My poor family had to hear me saying things like, “NO NO NO!!” or “You got to be kidding me” or “wow! I wasn’t expecting that.” This book left me wondering how a people who say they believed in God could be so hypocritical. I don’t want to give anything away but at one point the someone was accused of causing this curse on the town because they chose to help someone in need.

I do look forward to more books about Mattingly, but I wouldn’t mind another book about Crow Hollow, maybe go back to before Alvaretta’s husband dies.

This is a darker book then other Billy Coffee books, so if dark things bother you I’ve given you this warning. I would like to say he’s the Stephen King of the Christian books. Just enough twisted and creepy to give you strange dreams but also a hint of God’s light in it as well.

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