ISA professional Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener- review

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My Thoughts-
I have very curly, frizzy hair and sometimes I’d like to straighten it but with my old flat iron I felt like it was tugging and ripping my hair when I used it. If I really wanted my hair straightened I’d go to a salon and pay them to do it. I was excited to have the opportunity to test out ISA professional ceramic flat iron.

I was given the Victorya model to review. It comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box, that I plan on storing my Isa Flat Iron in. The Victorya has a swivel cord, making it easy to move the flat iron around my head without getting the cord tangled. It heats up within 30 seconds and stay heated throughout my straightening time, they call it “SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment”. I also found out that I can take this traveling with my to any country because it has universal voltage (pretty awesome feature).

IMG_7837I started out with clean dry hair and followed the directions on taking small amounts of hair at a time to straighten. I did half my hair and took a photo for comparison. I loved how smoothly the iron went through my hair. There was no pulling or tugging or ripping of my hair, just smooth motion. I loved that I didn’t have to wait so long for the iron to warm up, there has been times with my old one that I’d forget I turned it on because I had to wait so long. With ISA professional, 30 seconds goes by quickly. The 360 turning cord was really awesome, there were no awkward movements trying to move around a twisted cord, the cord stayed nice and straight.

My hair is very hard to straighten and I did it on the most humid day of the summer. I have to say with those two factors my hair looks really amazing. I even wore my hair straight like this for three days before I washed it again. I felt beautiful and my hair is easier to manage when it’s straight. I’m so very thankful to own the ISA professional flat iron. I know I’ll be using it often and I won’t have to be paying big money to a salon to do it.

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