“Finding Noah” movie review In theaters Oct 8! (#findingnoah & #flyby )

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My Thoughts-
On October 8, 2015, one night only, “Finding Noah” is being showed in local theaters.

Finding Noah” is a group of men; mainly scholars, explorers and scientists that decide to go on the mission to find proof of Noah’s ark. For thousands of years man kind has been on the search of proof of the great flood and the ark. In the 60’s & 70’s there were photos taken of Mt Ararat but those photos were kept hidden by the US government. Eventually these photos were seen and it looked like there could be a large boat there. Over the past couple of recent years a group of men decide to do what no one has been able to do, find the Ark.

With new technology they are able to use a sonar type machine to show different layers under the ice of Mt Ararat. These men feel they may be close and drill down into the ice to find anything that will prove there is something other than rock and ice. This mission took many years, in 2013 they finally find something that is now rock, but it still wasn’t enough proof. They know that they are very close though and do not want to give up this mission.

This was a very fascinating movie. The men face harsh weather and a dangerous rocky climb. They have spend many days and weeks and months trying to prove Noah’s Ark exists. Watching I longed to be with them, to be where it is thought the Ark rests and be part of God’s history. I even felt my heart race when they discovered material that wasn’t part of the mountain but of something else.

I would recommend this movie for all Christians. I felt lifted up spiritually watching and seeing these men live by faith. The ending really was warming to the heart, each man shared their thoughts and feeling about this journey they’ve been on. I would also recommend staying through the credits, there are more interviews throughout.

You can see what theaters it will be shown near you by clicking this link- Theater showings. You can see many preview videos on their YouTube channel.

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