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Chris’ Thoughts-
Erica asked me to review the Nikko Heater for her as I’ve been using it for a few weeks. I work from home in my basement office, so in the colder months it can get quite cold, especially on my feet.

I have tried another heater, but it didn’t have many settings so it was either on, or off, so I would often find myself getting too hot or too cold. With this heater, it has a number of different settings, including 3 heat settings (low, med, high), Fan only, plus a thermostat to so that it automatically comes on when it gets too cold. This is so much nicer so that I stay a more balanced temperature while I’m working!

The heater also has a few safety settings including an overheat shut off, and a switch on the bottom that automatically turns off the unit if it gets knocked over.

I really like this little unit and I’m really looking forward to being much more comfortable this winter. Check out my video review of it below as well!

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