WayGood Tea – Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse blog review (#waygoodcleanse)

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My Thoughts-
I love having a cup of tea in the morning and just before bedtime. It refreshes me when I wake up and a nice herbal tea helps me relax before bed. When I heard of IMG_9481WayGood Tea- Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse I was very interested in how it tasted and how it made me feel.

My package of tea came in a tall cylinder container. I think it looks really cute. Inside the container is a list of ingredients and their health benefits (I’ll talk about them later). There are 22 full leaf tea packets. Some of the packets are packed individually in plastic so I can take the tea with me where ever I go. And the other half is packages together in on plastic bag.

WayGood Tea- Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse has 6 ingredients. There is black tea, it’s to help with belly fat and to boost the immune system. One of my favorite smells is Lavender, which also happens to be another ingredient in the tea. I can really smell it and it makes for a great bedtime tea. The health benefits of lavender are it’s relaxing and it helps reduce bloating. Another ingredient is Rosemary, it’s there to help with reducing excess water and to help with cramps/stomach pains. I also love the smell of rosemary, it’s another calming smell for me. The next ingredient is Elderberry. I had never heard of this until I tried this tea. It is said to help detox the urinary tract and help with cold/flu symptoms. Another berry I never heard of that is in the tea is Juniper Berry. It’s claim is it helps with digestive by breaking down foods and it’s antioxidants have anti-aging properties. The last ingredient is Orange Peel. It’s another antioxidant that supports skin health and helps with stomach issues such as bloating, constipation and aids in weight loss.

I usually have a tea in the morning and make a double cup. I drink half of it at breakfast and then reheat it for bedtime. I love the aroma this gives off. It’s refreshing and relaxing at the same time. I also LOVE the taste. With all the ingredients I didn’t find one that over powered the others, it’s a nice blend of all the flavors. I’ve been drinking this tea for a week. I’ve noticed that my usually upset tummy from the meds I’m taking is actually calmer, not sure if it’s the tea but I’ll keep drinking it if it continues to help. And although I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my over all health I do believe it’s boosting my mood. I love the taste and smell so I love to drink it.

If you have a tea lover in your life I would suggest getting this tea for them. It’s another tea to add to my favorite teas and it might be one they will love too.

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