Diabetic Care Kit for American Girl Dolls- review

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My Thoughts-
Ever since our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes two years ago we’ve been looking for toys that will help her adjust to this new life and to help her feel “normal”. About a year ago I found a facebook page called Diabetic American Girl and they were looking for the same thing we were and even had a petition out to request AG to make a diabetes kit for their girl.

Just after Christmas 2015 we found out that American Girl will now have a Diabetic Care Kit for their dolls!! It launched in stores first then launched for sale as of January 1, 2016! I couldn’t wait to tell my sweet girl about it. When I showed her a picture her eyes lit up and she asked “Will we have enough money to buy a kit?” I told her we’d try our best to have the money. (money has been tight for us since my husband lost his job and has been starting up his own work) Once the kit went live online I had to share it with my friends on facebook. My parents saw my post and bought a kit for my daughter for her birthday (her birthday is in June). My parents said to give it to her once it came, she didn’t have to wait that long for it.

IMG_0231Our package came TODAY!! I couldn’t wait for her to come home from school and open it. We wrapped it and let her open it up to be a surprise. Her reaction was priceless (see video below). Her happiness to have a doll just like her brought tears to my eyes. She now has a doll that she can check the blood sugars on, give insulin to and record it in a log book. Her doll, Stephanie, is JUST LIKE HER now!!

IMG_0242The kit comes with stickers to personalize the insulin pump, an insulin pump that clips to the dolls waist band and sticks on her tummy or bum with stickers provided, an insulin pen for kids that use a pen instead of a pump, lancing device- poker for her finger to test blood sugars, a blood sugar meter, glucose tablets for the low blood sugars, a medical ID bracelet that lets everyone know she is a type 1 diabetic, a log book to keep track of her blood sugars, a diabetes bag to carry all her supplies and an ID card to go in the bag. It’s everything my daughter carries around with her.

The only change I would make would be to have a Canadian option with mmol/l instead of md/dl. This would make it perfect for my daughter. For now we will print our own stickers to go over the top of the glucose meter and pump.

THANK YOU American Girl and the family from Diabetic American Girl facebook page for making so many T1D kids happy. As of this posting (Jan 8, 2016) it looks like the kits have sold out and are on back order. That’s amazing, it shows how much this we needed to be made.

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