Fuller House on Netflix (WARNING! Spoiler alert!)

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image from the Fuller House Facebook page

STOP!!! Before you go any further, please be aware that this post WILL contain SPOILERS! If you don’t want to know what happens in Fuller House do not read this post!

My kids and I have been counting down the months, weeks and days to the release of Fuller House on Netflix. Today is the day! We woke up early, got breakfast and turned the show on. The first season is 13 episodes long and each are around 30 minutes long. If you were a fan of Full House I think you’re going to love Fuller House. It has the same cheesiness of the original. It teaches life lessons in 30 short minutes. And everyone hugs. What would a Tanner house be without a lot of hugs, right?

The new theme song is a remake of the Full House theme song but is sung by Carly Rae Jepsen. At first we didn’t really like the new sound but I reminded my girls that this is a new show and if we watch the song with the opening credits we may end up loving it. I was right, my kids are now dancing around the house singing the new version. The theme song and opening video shows each of the girls- DJ, Kimmy, Stephanie as well as the new cast. For introducing the girls it shows two photos from Full House and then an image of them now. For the new cast we see baby pictures of them and their promo photos for Fuller House. I don’t want to give away too much but the first episode’s theme opening is EPIC and slightly different from the rest of the episodes!

Speaking of first episode, be prepared to laugh out loud, cry, clap and shout things like “YES!”. That’s what I did. There was so many references to Full House and all the cast is back with the exception of Michelle. We also get to hear to familiar songs sung by the cast. I have to say I love technology. There is a special sweet moment at the end of the first episode that had me bawling my eyes out. They take a scene from the original and do a side by side of the new show. I won’t say what but it’s probably my most favorite part of the show, and that’s saying a lot because I had a ton of favorite moments from all 13 episodes.

In episode two there are a few parallels from Full House. There is a part where Jackson (DJ’s oldest) is being forced to move into the same room as his younger brother Max. They are moving into DJ and Stephanie’s old room. Jackson isn’t happy and tries to run away, just like his mom did.

Episode three the ladies do a girl’s night and form the She Wolf pack. They go to a club and meet some guys (Dancing with the Stars cast members). We also get to hear Stephanie sing with Macy Gray. WOW!! Jodie Sweetin has an incredible voice.

Episode four started to get a bit more “adult” from the original Full House. For an example Jackson comes down stairs and said “I was up all night trying to get my volcano to erupt” Stephen says “TMI”. Hinting at masturbating. My kids didn’t catch on to it, but it was a bit cringe worthy for me. There was another episode where DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) calls a plumber and she mistakes a blind date as the plumber. He thinks she’s taking about sex with reference to unclogging her pipes and starting on the toilet. Again, my kids didn’t no what was the hidden innuendos. I only write this as a warning, it’s not as family friendly as the 80’s-90’s show was but I think it fits in with the time.

Episode seven- throughout the season the cast members make many mentions of Michelle. In this episodes they really point their finger at them. Ramona (Kimmy’s daughter) gets a new designer dress for her 13th birthday. It’s a dress from the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen designer line. Kimmy then says “at these prices it’s no wonder they don’t act anymore.” I laughed so loud.

There are many funny moments, too many to add here but I’ll mention a few. In episode eight Grandpa Danny and Jackson are playing cards. Danny says “10’s and Queen’s full house”, Jackson lays his cards down and says “King’s and Ace’s fuller house.” In episode nine we hear Stephanie talk of her husband and we have a flash back to her and Harry getting married in Full House. In episode eleven Kimmy (Andrea Barber) needs some help with her party planning business called Gibbler Style. She asked Stephanie for help. In the end they become partners bringing us back to Uncle Jesse and Joey working together (oh the memories).

As for the new cast members, I think they did great in casting. We all LOVE Ramona (Soni Nicole Bringas). She’s so much like Kimmy but maybe with more common sense than her mom. My oldest daughter loves her because of her dancing. The three boys fit in perfectly to the dynamics. Jackson (Michael Campion) gets in to a lot of trouble but really cares about his family and tries to do good. Max (Elias Harger) likes to clean like his grandpa and is kind of perky like his aunt. Tommy Jr (Fox & Dashiell Messitt) is just a baby and knows how to be cute.

The show ends with us wanting more. We hope for a season 2 and can’t wait for it. My kids have already asked to watch season 1 again. I’m sure they’ll watch it as much as they did Full House and will have it all memorized in no time. We’re a HAPPY Full/er House family. It was worth our wait and I’m sure season 2 will be worth our wait too. Maybe they’ll be able to bring back Michelle for one episode.