“When Life Gives You Lemons…” You must juggle them

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“When Life Gives You Lemons…”

To say life has been interesting for us would be an understatement. Life has been so crazy that I haven’t been able to blog as must as I would like. I haven’t had as much time to find products to review. I haven’t had a lot of energy to do much of life in general. However, “when life gives you lemons” you just might have to juggle them and go about life anyway.

I’ve been learning to deal with my fibromyalgia. I’m on some new meds that seem to be helping and I’ve been able to do a lot more around the house and with my kids. I have good days and I have bad days and some very bad days. I love that I can do more around the house, I felt useless this past year. With all that being said, there have been a lot of bumps this past two months.

dance-2016Something good that has been going on is my girls started competitive dance this year. The first two weekends in April they competed in Waterloo and Brantford with Rhythm Dance Competition. Their first comp went ok, but we knew they could do better. At their second comp they showed us what they really could do. Maggie’s group got 4 stars out of 5. Linda’s team got 5 stars, a special award for being entertaining AND they came in 4th over all of the novice entries. Our studio did really great at the second competition over all, getting 1st place for the whole weekend!
With the busy weekends I’m noticing my body gets worn down longer then when I was healthy. The first comp weekend it took me 2 days to recover. After our second comp I was thinking it would be another 2 days. However a “lemon” was thrown at us…

picu-diabetesThe image is heartbreaking. The story starts the morning of their second dance competition. Maggie needed a pump site change so we did it before we left for the comp. While at the comp Maggie’s blood sugars went low and she needed two boxes of juice to get it up. After that her blood sugars started to rise and rise and rise. By the time we got home she had a BG over 20 mmol. She was too high. We gave her insulin through her pump but she kept going up. So we did another site change and discovered that the part that goes into her body was bent and she wasn’t getting any insulin. What was strange was the low earlier in the day, if she wasn’t getting insulin she shouldn’t have gone low. Over night it took us a while to get her blood sugars down. She was down to 6.4 mmols by 4 AM. We were up by 8AM Saturday morning. Her BG was over 30 mmols and she had ketones over 5. So Chris brought her to our local hospital. By the time they got there she was throwing up (not good for a diabetic). They got her on an IV of insulin and another IV lock in to do hourly blood work. After a few hours and vomiting 5 times they decided to transfer her to a Children’s hospital an hour away. She spent the night in the PICU there. Thankfully because of her CGM, the hospital was able to stay on top of her blood sugars and she recovered faster then in the past. (This just showed us the importance of her CGM and how much we need it. Unfortunately the funds we raised a year ago are almost up and we’re going to have to figure out how to afford another year. Just another stress “lemon” for us to juggle.)
The hard part on me was not being with her. When I got the call saying they were transferring her my heart broke and I was scared. I was watching our two other kids so I had to try to be strong. Our 10 year old knew it was bad and was stressed too. Her and I ended up staying up till 1 in the morning and then we slept together. I didn’t have our van so the next day I had to wait for family to get our van back to us from the local hospital. Once the van was here I drove an hour to be with my girl. Thankfully she was able to come home Sunday night. She stayed home from school on Monday and was better after that.
The week after the hospital she met with her diabetic team one day, she had a follow up appointment for her ears the next day. Needless to say it’s been two weeks since her being sick and I’m still not recovered. I’m in a lot of pain and having lots of migraines.

dancephotos-3This past weekend was a lot of fun, it killed my body, but it was a ton of fun. Saturday my oldest had to be at the dance studio to help out with dance photos that were being taken of the little kids ballet class she helps out with. We ended up being there for three hours. I’m so proud of her. She loves working with the little kids and they love her. She would love to be a dance teacher when she gets older. I can see her being really good at it. Then Saturday night we spent almost an hour putting curlers in Maggie’s hair.

dancephotos-1Sunday morning were jazz and ballet photos for Linda. I had to do her hair in a bun, add makeup and put on her fake eyelashes. Chris then drove us to the studio so he and the other kids could go to church. After church he picked us up. It’s was a busy morning but we both had a ton of fun. We then went home, ate lunch and then it was time to get Maggie ready. We took another hour to take out her curlers. Then I put her makeup on, but decided I wasn’t going to force her to put on the eyelashes. Then I drove us to the studio and photos were done. I have to say both my girls are absolutely beautiful. I’m still tired from it but it’s all worth it to see the smile on my kids’ faces. dancephotos-2

Now for another “lemon” in our life. Chris has been working hard to build his website building business. He has some steady clients and some one time clients. One of his steady clients will be leaving his business. This client is also where we’ve been getting our prescription benefits from. This means less income and no benefits. With Maggie having T1D and needing medicines to live, this will be tough on us. Plus my new meds that have been helping me will cost us over $250 a month. I’ve already said if it comes down to buying her meds or mine I will live with my pain and not get my meds. That means I’ll probably feel worthless again but I’ll do anything for my kids.

Something I hope will work out for my husband is his new venture with being a Beachbody coach. He’s already been able to bring in some income through this and I know he loves this new job. He’s gotten stronger, lost a lot of weight and LOVES helping other get healthy too. I can see him turning this in to a full-time job. He is happier now then I’ve seen him in a long time. It will take a lot of work to build this business but I’m praying this will work out. If you’re interested in hearing what her does you can contact him at chris.kloetstra@gmail.com.

So, as you can see I’ve been busy and we’ve been dealing with a lot of “lemons”. But I’ll just keep pushing on and juggling those lemons to keep our family going and to keep me living.

I will also add I have a 2.5 year old boy who I’m trying to potty train. Life sure is interesting around here, lemons and all.