Japan Funbox- review

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
I love discovering different subscription boxes. Japan Funbox is a very unique one to me. I received the Mini box which came with 6 snacks from Japan. Some of the snacks were sweet and some of them were salty, but all came from Japan.

IMG_5590I received two salty snacks; Pizza potato and Pretz Tomato taste. It was fun opening up the box of goodies and seeing all the packaging written in another language. Thankfully they send you a print out of what is each item and they describe how they should taste. The Pretz Tomato Taste looked like a thin bread stick and tasted like it had a zesty tomato taste to it. My kids loved eating it for a snack. The Pizza potato was my favorite. It’s a ridged potato chip with pizza flavor. I’ve never tasted a chip like it. I was sad when the snack sized bag was done.

IMG_5596My Funbox also included 4 different kinds of sweet treats. Alfort, is a chocolate bar with bite-sized biscuits on bottom. (mine melted in the heat but I believe they should have had little designs in the chocolate) I loved this chocolate bar, it reminded me of a snickers without the nugget, caramel and nuts in it. This would be a treat I’d love to have often. Ume-pachi is like pop-rocks but sour and with more pop to it. At first I didn’t notice the sour but after it stopped popping in my mouth the sour taste made me pucker. My kids loved this candy too. They loved listening to it pop in their mouths. Shuwabo looked like a cheese-string when we opened it. It was yellow on one side and orange on the other. The flavor is orange and lemon, there is also a powder on the inside that makes a bit of a bubbly feeling in your mouth. They say it should taste like coke when chewed all together. To me it was a nice citrus treat, not like coke. The last treat I enjoyed was Whistle candy. It was grape flavored and came with a cute toy. I had no clue what whistle candy meant, then I put it in my mouth and breath and it whistled. When you watch the video below you will see my funny reaction.

Japan Funbox was so much fun to explore. I have a few friends that live in Japan, I just might ask them to ship me a few of these treats.

If I ever ordered again I’d want the Original box or the Family Box, it has a lot more treats inside, which means more to explore. The Mini box was fun and would make a great gift for a friend. The awesome thing is that you can get this Japanese Candy Box Free Shipping Worldwide – Japan Funbox. Plus if you continue with your subscription you’ll discover more unique treats each month.

FIND it-