“Queen Of Katwe” was an Unlikely Champion, please read about mine- Also $25 Target giveaway

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“Disney’s QUEEN OF KATWE is based on the inspiring true story of Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi. Phiona was a young girl living in the slums of Katwe, Uganda. One day she stumbles upon Katende and a group of children playing chess in a makeshift church. Through the guidance of Katende and the game of chess, Phiona is encouraged to believe in herself. Eventually, she finds herself not only competing in local chess matches, but winning in international competitions. Robert and Phiona’s story celebrates the notion that champions can come from the most unlikely places.”

Queen Of Katwe” was an Unlikely Champion, below is a story about my daughter and her journey to being a champion.

img_7726Life for my middle child has not been easy. It all started even before she was born. I had to be on bed rest for 6 months to keep her safe and healthy inside me. She was born premature and struggled to thrive. At age of 3 she started to get very sick, her body was showing signs that something wasn’t right. Her hair was stringy and not very thick, it also didn’t shine, her eyes had lost its sparkle, she’d gotten so thin And her skin was pasty. 4 years later and 3.5 years after diagnosis with t1d, she’s a whole new person. Her hair is so healthy, shiny, thick and long. Her eyes have their sparkle back. And her skin a healthy glow. Some people have told us that she won’t be able to to a normal kid. That she won’t get to be as active as other kids. Well, those people are wrong. This girl LOVES to be active. One of her favorite activities is dancing. Last year Maggie and her sister got to compete in their first year of dance. Maggie shined on stage and her team did very well for their first year. Maggie had a few bumps a long the road but her overcomes them, she’s a unlikely champion in my books. I look forward to her growing and overcoming more and more. She’s showing people that with T1D she can do anything.

Please see this the heartwarming featurette below from Academy-Award winner Lupita Nyong’o and Academy Nominee David Oyelowo. QUEEN OF KATWE releases in theaters nationwide on Friday, September 30.

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32 Comments on ““Queen Of Katwe” was an Unlikely Champion, please read about mine- Also $25 Target giveaway

  • Hmm, I wouldn’t say I have an unlikely champion in my life, but I saw Phiona on the news the other night & her story is amazing. I can’t wait to see this movie. I might call my Mom a very LIKELY champion, lol. She’s the one who has always been there in my life.

  • My unlikely champion is my 4 year old daughter. She was born addicted to drugs and was in the hospital until she was 5 weeks old. (biologically she is my niece) We brought her home 2 days before Christmas and the side affects of the drug exposure lasted about another month. She is healthy, happy and most of all she is strong. She is the biggest “little” fighter I know ad I am so proud to have the honor to raise her and hopefully by next April, finalize the adoption!

  • My unlikely champion in my life is my adopted sister who has cerebral palsy and she is the sweetest and coolest person you will ever meet and I think she gives my Mom and Dad reason to keep going everyday!

  • My unlikely champion is my sister-in-law. she’s beat cancer twice and is still always a phone call away if we need anything.

  • My grandpa is my hero. He’s been through so much and still keeps going. He’s nearly 93 and more active than most people my own age.

  • mine is one of my sons. He is in Crossfit and does extremely well. He has always excelled at fitness.

  • My unlikely champion is my sisters. I have 3 sisters and they are always there for me and are so inspiring in helping others and getting me to help others.

  • I have an unlikely champion in life – it’s one of my coworkers who is disabled and always impresses me no matter what he does.

  • My unlikely champion is my dad. He has had cancer and was told he wasn’t going to last more than 6 months …. 4.5 years later he is still alive!

  • My unlikely champion is my cousin. She was born with CP but has the most amazing perspective and attitude of anyone I’ve ever met.

  • This movie look so inspirational and I can’t wait to watch this with my family. My unlikely champion is my sister. She has struggled so many times through different things in her life and is still standing tall.

  • I have an unlikely champion in a close relative. She is dyslexic and as a child her teachers were mean, she would pee in her pants and had to be carried onto the bus. She quit school very young, but later got her GED. In those days there wasn’t help for ppl with challenges. She has had her share of problems but has been able to be an overcomer, and is working in a hospital as an aide.

  • My youngest son is my champion. Even though he has to deal with his own issues he is always looking out for others and has the best sense of humor.

  • I also had a preemie on Aug 25th… he’s home with us now (thank goodness) and doing well. He’s my unlikely champion!

  • My unlikely champion is my brother who has struggled really hard and now is finally starting to do well

  • The champion in my life is my niece. She unfortunately has parents who arent involved but has been adopted by my parents and is taking strides in life! It is a joy watching her grow.

  • This is awesome and what an amazing story of your daughter- what a cute fighter! My unlikely champion is my niece. She was born premature, has scoliosis and we are still trying to diagnose her muscle disorder. Through everything she is still very healthy and even able to walk and move around like everyone else. She is precious!

  • Mine would be my co-worker. She beat breast cancer and lost almost everything in her life yet she is still the happiest woman i have ever known.

  • My hubby!!! He’s worked the same job (that he really disliked) for 10+ years and finally went out searching for a new job and found on that not only does he love – but it pays more. I’m super proud of him for stepping out and not living in fear!

  • My unlikely champion is probably my fiance. He has been through so much and stays so strong through it all.
    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  • I actually do a person I have never met but has been a tremendous encouragement to my life. It’s very nice to know someone is in my corner. Feels reassuring. Which, might ought to scare me.

  • I do! My nephew with autism. He has come so far, they said he would never speak, and he talks all the time now! He has learned to do so many things that they said he never would.

  • My friend. She has been through so much but she’s always positive and encouraging to others.

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