Receive Free Pre-Addressed envelopes and 40% off cards at Mixbook

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FREE addressed envelopes and 40% off all cards

Whenever you have to send out multiple cards, the most tedious part is always addressing all of the envelopes. Without fail, there is always a hint of writer’s cramp after envelope 10, a misspelled word by envelope 15, and a few sighs of “are we close yet?” by envelope 20. Mixbook has addressed this situation and now offers pre-addressed envelopes! Save time by easily uploading multiple addresses at once and avoid wasted envelopes from any  handwriting mistakes. Save the addresses for your next holiday or big event! That means there’s no need to reload your addresses if you order save the dates, wedding invitations & thank you cards through Mixbook. Party invitations, birth announcements, and graduation announcement thank you notes are now significantly easier.

For Affiliates only, Mixbook is offering FREE addressed envelopes and 40% off all cards with the code CRDLBL! Act now to secure the best savings as this offer ends 11/22!

Affiliate Exclusive-Free Addressed Envelopes + 40% Off Cards with code: CRDLBL