Project Mnemosyne (When No One Was Looking Book 1)- review

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When no one is looking book review
I received a free copy of this book
My Thoughts-
Project Mnemosyne (When No One Was Looking Book 1) by Kim Frauli

Around 10 years ago there was a major attack and Julianna Brenner lost both of her parents. She was then moved into the Scholars Compound, a place for above average children go to. She works in the medical field along with another person, Declan. They are in charge of making medical breakthroughs, such as improving heart health. At the compound they are under a strict diet, exercise, sleep and free time. This is to help make them in the healthiest physical and mind set as possible. It’s bee 10 years since both of them were moved to the compound. Julianna, who has a perfect memory can’t seem to remember her father. This continues to bother her. Both are also put to the task to figure out a way to totally eliminate enemies of the New Regime. Julianna doesn’t feel right about this, neither and Declan feels the same way. They are also faced with the fact that the New Regime is now pairing them up with their “perfect” match to hopefully produce “perfect” babies. These two know they need to leave and leave soon. They are now on the run and are facing more dangers then imagined. As well as Julianna is trying to figure out why she can’t remember anything about her father, it comes back in pieces but none of it makes sense.

I absolutely loved this book. At first I wanted to live in the compound with them, life seemed really great, you have everything you need and they care about your health. However after hearing Julianna’s feeling about the things they are forced to do, it seemed more like a prison. I then felt like I was on the run with them. The author does a great job at making you feel the emotions and see the whole picture around them. I’m attached to these characters. I wanted to fall asleep thinking of them and hoping they’d find safety and answers. A HUGE warning though, the author pulls you in and leaves you hanging, longing, for the next book. You’ll finish saying, “No! I need to know what’s going to happen next!” To me that’s a sign of a really really great book.

I also loved that this was a clean book. I know I can let my pre-teen read it and there is nothing in there for me to have to censor from her.

I can’t wait for the next book. I’m already dreaming of what will happen next.

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