60 days into 2017.. how are you doing with your health goals?

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So here we are, March 1st already… wow, where does time go??

60 days ago, many people, possibly yourself included made goals or resolutions to ‘get fit’, but what does that even mean? For most people it simply means that they want to lose weight or ‘look better’. While that is a good outcome to have happen, losing weight or looking better are two goals that are very subjective and weight often can take longer to bring down even if you work really hard. This makes people very frustrated and discouraged, often giving up those goals soon after they start if they don’t see results.

One year ago I made a similar promise to myself, only it was a bit different. I wanted to get stronger, and I wanted to improve my health. I didn’t have a specific goal for weight as I knew that would fluctuate, but I knew I needed to do something as I was feeling tired, sick and lacked energy to deal with the stress going on in my life.

There were are three key elements to any health program. Nutrition, Exercise & Accountability.

The key for me with exercise was finding a program that I could stick with and commit to every day and one, which would not break the bank. I’ve joined gyms before and paid for a whole year of membership and only go a handful of times. Once I found a program that worked for me, and someone to help keep me accountable, it made a huge difference and lead to me loosing over 45 pounds; giving me more energy and strength than I’ve had in years. If you are interested in learning more about my fitness journey, please feel free to check out my blog at t1ddad.com.

Recently a new gym opened in our area called Fit4Less that is a bit different than some of the other typical gyms.. It has a very simple, no-nonsense focus with very few bells and whistles and as a result it helps keep the cost much lower. They have launched several gyms across Canada and I’m excited to see this new option in our neighborhood! Prices start at $4.99 every 2 weeks plus a joining fee. They give workout examples on their website for a ’30-minute Express Circuit’ to make the most of your time.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Fit4Less to see if it’s a good fit for me as I continue to work towards improving my health! If you are interested in learning more or finding out if there is a Fit4Less location in your area, check out their website at http://fit4less.ca

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fit4Less. The opinions and text are all mine.